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The real estate market in Anglet

Anglet attracts attention in terms of tourism, culture and real estate. Between sea and mountain, this garden city has beautiful natural assets and benefits from the fierce local desire to preserve a rare quality of life.

In real estate in Bayonne, the Anglet real estate market is dynamic, driven by the quality and diversity of the properties available but also by an undeniable generational mix. A paradox: out of 38,000 inhabitants, Anglet has slightly more elderly people than its neighbors, but also more young people under the age of 20. The estimated average age of 46 corresponds to a population of executives (49%), often owners (61%). The average household income is 27,900 euros. While the housing tax is high, the property tax remains average. The vacant housing rate (2%) is a sign of the dynamism of neighborhoods where property is sold. The offer - in town and on the outskirts - ranges from small apartment facing the sea to exceptional villas, from duplexes to townhouses, with a majority of surfaces between 40 and 99m2. The ease of access by all means of transport, the natural setting it occupies and the services offered make it a very popular place to live.

Living in Anglet

Anglet, a charming town in the heart of the BAB, will surprise you with the activity of its town center and the calm that reigns in its surroundings, as in the pleasant residential area of Chiberta, a stone's throw from the Ocean beach. As you cross the area, you will see that the Chiberta golf course covers a large area and that there is also a tennis court, a lake and a forest. Lower sound volume for assured tranquility.

Anglet jealously watches over its nature (Izadia ecological park, the 7 green hectares of the Maharin, 15 municipal gardens) and the quality of its bathing water.

It meets the economic and environmental needs of today: Regular transport lines, free shuttle and soon to be clean Tram'Bus, free and regulated parking (blue zone), mobility aids and the purchase of electric bicycles. Concerned about cleanliness, it educates the population by installing recyclable urban ashtrays and dispensers of canine dejection bags. It is preparing for the future with numerous nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools and leisure centers. It maintains swimming pool, skating rink and stadiums, encourages the practice of water sports and ice hockey and offers a healthy course for Angloys.

Anglet is also refining its cultural offer, you can be a sublime surf spot and organize biennial festivals while creating a municipal collection of contemporary art! Finally, it preserves its traditional activities (Quintaou market, flea market in the five cantons, etc.) while deploying optical fiber and testing free public wifi in Les Sables d'Or. You just have to see the rose garden of Villa Béatrix Enea or the stables of Baroja to fall under the spell.

The main districts of Anglet

Blancpignon district

This pretty green district, with schools, sports facilities and many shops, is poorly served by public transport. Social diversity is the order of the day with an average income per household slightly lower than that of the city. 64% of residents who are employees, managers or retirees own recent homes.

Quartier Cinq Cantons

Fairly close to the city center, it mainly houses executives and retirees with a median income of 28,900 euros. 65% own well-maintained apartments and townhouses. The 3% of vacant housing indicates some availability. School infrastructures and local shops are well suited to family life.

Aritxague district

Over 60% of owners live in this quiet, green area close to the heliport. Many middle-aged couples, mostly employed single people, live there. There are 21% of young people, which is explained by the number of schools and the presence of 2 UFRs from the University of Pau.

Chiberta district

Bordering the ocean, it appeals to 69% of owners, generally executives with comfortable incomes. Touristy and chic with a low population density, it is home to beautiful properties under the pines and 42% of second homes. There are golf, tennis, horse club, Corsairs beach, the Pignada forest but no school.

Chassin district

Between the ocean and the city center, houses and apartments sit side by side. This very peaceful district hosts 40% of retirees, often former executives whose average income is slightly higher than the city average. Rather commercial, well served but with few services, there are 5% of vacant housing.

Districts Hardoy Courbois, Numa, Choisi

Lively and densely populated, it includes social housing, apartments and townhouses. There live mainly couples and singles, often employees and workers. The average income is much lower than that of e the city. Population growth is rejuvenating these very urban areas where Anglet's shopping centers are found.

Cantau district

Airy, with small buildings and houses, Cantau mainly welcomes couples and singles, 61% owners. The median income is higher than the average thanks to a perfect mix between managers and employees. South of Anglet, this quiet suburb is well equipped and well served by public transport.

La Barre district

Quite high-income executives and seniors mostly live in this wooded residential area facing the ocean. 60% are owners and one third of them are second homes. Properties for sale are scarce, especially as it houses the Izadia Ecological Park and the popular Cavaliers Beach.

Neighborhoods Downtown, Saint Jean

A shopping center equipped with all the useful services where many couples and retirees live, whose income is slightly lower than that of Anglet. Made up of apartments and townhouses, it has a 3% vacancy rate. 59% of the inhabitants are owners and more than 1/3 work in the municipality.

Montbrun district

Montbrun has apartments and townhouses and a higher proportion of social housing than elsewhere. Composed of a third of elderly people and a majority of middle-aged families, 59% owners. An urban district where second homes are rare but well stocked in infrastructure, shops and services.

Room of Love district

With the coveted Sables d'Or beach, a chic district where townhouses, luxury residences and prestigious residences coexist. Very touristy, it is home to executives and retirees with an average income of 31,000 € / household. Between the ocean and the Phare golf course, a haven of luxury and calm.

Anglet real estate purchase

Located between Bayonne and Biarritz, the city of Anglet enjoys an advantageous location between the sea and the mountains. Nature is an integral part of the landscape of this city. Close to beaches, golf, Lake Brindos, or Lake Chiberta, many luxury properties are offered for sale or for rent in Anglet by our real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque. Among our selection of houses and apartments for sale, if your search is focused on a beautiful independent house or a new villa, you will certainly fall in love with: single storey, garage, south-facing terrace, wine cellar, bathroom , open kitchen ... Even with demanding criteria, you will find everything in our offers for sale house Anglet Chiberta and other areas.

Your real estate project is rather to buy an apartment? You will not be outdone because we also have more than one beautiful apartment for sale in Anglet exclusively. Here again the choice is varied, so that even if your request is very precise (for example: bright 3-room apartment on the ground floor with fitted kitchen and parking space in the basement in Anglet, or 2-room apartment on the first floor 'a nice residence in Chiberta with lift and balcony ...) we have a good chance of having accommodation corresponding to your wishes in the Anglet apartment sale section of our real estate agency. Among the properties for sale, we generally find a studio in a condominium as well as a loft or a three-room apartment in a beautiful residence, or even a large duplex ...

Real player in the real estate sector in Anglet (buying house Anglet, buying apartment Anglet) the Barnes Cote Basque agency and its team of consultants invite you to discover in the most popular areas of the municipality of Anglet (Chiberta, Cinq Cantons, les Corsaires, Les Sables d'Or, La Barre, Les Cavaliers, La Chambre d'Amour) (64600) exceptional real estate for sale for your real estate acquisition or investment project in Anglet. In particular, find contemporary houses with swimming pools in Chiberta, architect-designed houses with sea views in Les Sables d'Or, exceptional residences with large heated aquatic pools in Les Cinq Cantons, not to mention the apartments for sale on the oceanfront, as well as building land ... undoubtedly the most beautiful place if you plan to buy real estate in the Basque Country. Before making your purchase in Anglet, you want to get a taste of this splendid spot on the Basque Coast, why not let yourself be tempted by an Anglet vacation rental? Find your apartment for rent now for an off-season apartment rental or a seasonal rental.

Sell real estate in Anglet

Valuing your property is essential. In the event that you wish to sell your property of any kind: house, apartment or even villa, renovated or not, in the town of Anglet (64600), have the reflex to contact your Barnes agency, specializing in 'real estate in Anglet, to have an estimate read in line with the market prices of luxury real estate in the town of Anglet. The closest agency is Barnes Biarritz.

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Real estate Anglet


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Household marital status: 28,642 married couples 9,536 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income

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