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The real estate market in Guéthary

This delightful whaling and then tuna, sardines and lobster fishing port was first transformed by the arrival of the first second homes in the 19th century. Then, the magical beauty of its landscapes and the wave of surfing made it a world famous place. Tourism has become the main resource of the village, which today has 1,327 inhabitants and 1,152 homes. In terms of real estate, scarcity arouses envy and Guethary has many advantages. Demand is strong for the purchase of prestigious goods such as the seasonal rental of accommodation near the beaches. The market therefore interests rental investors as much as it does private buyers. Naturally, prestigious second homes are numerous there (47%) and apartments in the center or near the ocean are in great demand. Rental is on the rise as the housing tax rate remains reasonable at 16%. The average net income per tax household is much lower there than in neighboring municipalities and the offer is relatively balanced in terms of surface area (54% from 40 to 99m2 against 36% above 100m2). The average price per m2 varies between 5,100 € for a house and 5,800 € an apartment.

Living in Guéthary

Mythical village par excellence of the Basque Coast, Guéthary is equidistant from Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz. Its unspoiled charm, the calm of its town center with its pediment, its pretty town hall, its church, and its small confidential beaches reserved for insiders or its internationally renowned surf spots make it a real estate micromarket, where the acquisition price of a house on the seafront and village on foot will be more expensive than elsewhere. Having a coffee on the terrace with a panoramic view of Parliamentia beach will quickly give you a glimpse of the magnificent local landscape. Guethary is also the pilot commune of the national ABC project for biodiversity. Well served, with schools and sports facilities, Guethary offers local cuisine, lively cafes and clubs, without losing its Basque soul and pride.

Despite international success which has earned it the loyalty of artists, writers and other celebrities and the proximity of beautiful seaside resorts, Guethary has managed to preserve its authenticity and resist the sirens of bling-bling. Whether you look towards the ocean or towards the Pyrenees, the landscapes are breathtaking and the surf spots of Parliamentia, Cenitz and Alcyon make it compare to Hawaii or to California. We take the time to discover the secrets of the centuries-old fishing port and take the narrow staircase that leads to the white semaphore steeped in history which always signals breakers to sailors. Take a breath of fresh air while admiring the ocean coast from the terrace at Place de la Croix. The coastal path on Cenitz hill reminds us that the Basques are intimately linked to the ocean. The nave of the Saint-Nicolas church takes on the appearance of a ship, the town hall and its pediment become historical monuments and the site of traditional festivals and markets all year round.

Buy a property in Guéthary

Investing in Guéthary is making an investment in prestige real estate, because the criteria of the goods for sale and the quality of their environment logically increase the price of the average real estate transaction of the purchase sale of apartments and houses in the city. For a particular investor or buyer, the real estate project will still be attractive, whether for living there or as part of a rental investment, since finding a tenant for your home or your property during the summer is relatively simple in view of the demand for an apartment rental in Guéthary. Summer vacationers are even willing to pay a high rent reflecting the scarcity of the offer, especially to rent in a building or residential area near the beach, if that's what you're looking for, so watch out. apartment for sale in the area.

As real estate for sale is rare in Guéthary, some local consultants from Barnes Immobilier Biarritz are dedicated to this town on the edge of the Atlantic, and real estate in the Basque Country, very popular with tourists especially thanks to its surf spots. exceptional, work in close collaboration with the owners of houses, apartments or prestigious villas by highlighting the notoriety of Barnes immo throughout the Basque Country to satisfy your research. Thanks to these years of experience and all the confidence given by sellers of real estate in Guéthary, Barnes Cote Basque has established itself as a pillar of the real estate market in Guéthary (in particular the luxury real estate market). We invite you to discover today our real estate for sale: beautiful Basque-type houses with sea and / or mountain views, houses with beautiful volumes on rare land, village houses with featuring vast gardens, contemporary villas with swimming pool, or even apartments (T2, T3, T4, T5) and lofts with a view of the beaches of Guéthary. To discover our properties for sale, see the Guethary house purchase and Guethary apartment purchase pages ... not to mention the Guethary vacation rental. Exclusively, we also have several apartments or houses of all sizes for rent in the Basque Country, from studios to T5 duplexes, including 2 rooms and a single storey independent house with fireplace. For apartments in residence, whether they are located on the ground floor or upstairs, the majority of them are very bright and have an allocated parking space outside or in a garage.

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If you want to sell your property in Guéthary (houses and apartments or even a prestigious villa), your real estate agent in Guéthary will take care of making an estimate of your home, which will undoubtedly be at the real market price of the property. luxury real estate in the village of Guéthary, and more generally throughout the Basque Coast. Correctly estimating your property in our real estate agency will allow you to achieve the best Guéthary apartment sale or Guéthary house sale possible.

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