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The real estate market in Hendaye

This seaside resort of 17,000 inhabitants is also a dynamic border town, separated from Spain by the Bidasoa River. It differs from neighboring municipalities on many points: a higher housing tax (24%), a lower property tax (23%), more social housing (12%), fewer owners (but 60% all the same ) and many more second homes (38%). If the population density is also much higher, large areas of the territory are occupied by marinas and fishing ports and two rapidly developing activity zones. The average annual household income is much lower than that of the surrounding towns (25,300 euros) since Hendaye mainly houses families of employees and workers and fewer retirees. Note that nearly half of the inhabitants work in the town. It has a large capacity for tourist accommodation and its housing stock is mainly made up of apartments and townhouses, whether in condominium or not. The disparities between neighborhoods are less marked than elsewhere and its geographical position is unique. The vacant housing rate (4%) is uniform throughout its territory and the trend in real estate prices in Hendaye is favorable to buyers of both apartments and houses. Luxury real estate is also present in Hendaye, particularly on the heights and the seafront where the price per square meter of living space is relatively high. Do you have a real estate project in Hendaye? Buying a house or apartment for rent, contact a Barnes real estate agent for advice!

Living in Hendaye

Caressed by the Atlantic Ocean, backing onto the Pyrenees and turned towards Spain, Hendaye is an original city. Historical stopover for pilgrims on the way to Compostela, it also attracts with the long sandy beach of the Basque coast, its marina, the practice of water sports and a strong personality on the borders of French, Basque and Spanish cultures.

Living in Hendaye, no one can ignore the major environmental issues of the moment. The town begins by taking care of its natural setting by protecting the bay of Txingudi, a resting place for migrating birds, and the cliffs of the Abbadia estate. It encourages short circuits and introduces the Hendaye people to allotment gardens. Public transport is developing and electric charging stations are appearing. The city can now be crossed on pedestrian or cycle paths.

With a rather active and family population, Hendaye has a stock of more than 1000 social housing, 5 primary school groups, 2 secondary schools and a vocational high school. On the leisure side, there is a swimming pool, stadiums, tennis courts, nautical clubs, martial arts and of course pediments and trinquets for playing pelota. And many tourists decide to buy a property there to settle there permanently or for rental investment, to settle there permanently.

The main districts of Hendaye

Train station, Joncaux

Adjacent to the river border with Spain and very populated, they house a majority of employees in apartments and townhouses. The inhabitants, 60% owners, appreciate these dynamic districts well served by public transport and well endowed with local shops, public services, schools and leisure areas.

Neighborhoods Beach, Sopite, Aguerria, Corniche

In these tourist, shopping and green districts, more than half of the apartments and houses are second homes. The population density is low and the space is occupied by a number of leisure facilities. 61% of residents are owners and against all odds, there are less than 20% of retirees.

City center

Touristy but endowed with social housing, the district welcomes mainly couples, singles and working-class families with a median income lower than that of the city. 55% are owners but 45% of the units are second homes. A quiet area with schools, public services and local shops, not to mention the casino.

Lissardy district

A district populated by mostly employed workers and in their forties with an average income above the local average. This lively neighborhood has the particularity of housing significantly more under 20s than retirees.

A suburb of pretty apartments and houses where you can visit Abbadia Castle and Pierre Loti's villa.

Real estate purchase Hendaye

Town located on the border with Spain, Hendaye is renowned for its calm beaches which appeal to families. Sailing and boat enthusiasts will also be seduced by the port of Hendaye, protected from the ocean swells. Are you looking for a house for sale in Hendaye or an apartment in Hendaye? House sale, apartment sale, land sale ... Whatever the type of sale property that interests you, our Barnes advisors will guide you and find the right buyer. At Barnes immobilier Saint Jean de Luz, specialist in real estate in the Basque Country, discover exceptional real estate for sale in Hendaye, new or old, including beautiful apartments for sale in Hendaye, charming houses on the seafront Hendaye, and exceptional villas near the bay of Hendaye. For any additional information on the fees of our Barnes real estate agencies or on certain types of specific transactions such as life annuity in Hendaye, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers. Additional resources on real estate in Hendaye: Other properties for sale in Hendaye. The evolution of real estate prices in Hendaye.

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Buying a property in Hendaye


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