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The real estate market in Hossegor

Long before surf spots, it was the boom in sea bathing in the 1920s that made Hossegor one of the famous seaside resorts in the south of the Landes. With 3,670 inhabitants and more than 5,300 housing units, it presents itself without complex and above all as a tourist town and benefits from the proximity of Biarritz airport. Its already long-standing success goes far beyond our borders, especially during the major annual surfing competitions. With the concern to satisfy its permanent residents and to please its visitors, the municipality ensures the cleanliness of public spaces and the preservation of its environment. To encourage owners to renovate the facades of housing facing the sea, it grants work assistance and tax exemption for embellishment. This is very useful in a resort where there are 63% second homes, 73% owners, and a lot of rental properties where the housing tax is 23%. The real estate market in Hossegor relies heavily on the originality of the Basque-Landes architecture of the hotels and beautiful residences on the seafront. The major centers of interest are the beaches, the quality of the environment, the traditions, the gastronomy and the local art of living. The average price per m2 exceeds 5,000 euros, all types of goods combined, obviously varying if the residence is close to the beaches of Soorts Hossegor or is located near Lake Hossegor.

Living in Hossegor

Located near Seignosse and Capbreton in the south of the Landes, the seaside resort of Hossegor was created in the 1920s in an art-deco and neobasque architectural style. Also close to Saint Paul les Dax and Saint Vincent de Tyrosse, Hossegor has since become famous for its surf spot and its golf course. It is very pleasant to live there as the town values its cleanliness and its environment. For example, it renews its reforestation campaign every year by making maritime pines available free of charge to local residents, and signs have also been installed for this purpose to indicate areas without pesticides or areas where mowing is late, so that the sustainable management implemented should not be confused with a lack of maintenance of the fields. Also, in order to renovate the exterior of the houses and apartments located in front of the beach, it agrees to a financing of 1% of the work and to a total tax exemption so that any owner or building in co-ownership that makes up the seafront renovates its facade. This effort to seek to further embellish each residential area close to the beach, such as the neighborhoods of the place called Les Semis, located in a magnificent geographical location between sea and lake, will not leave a potential buyer indifferent. You will also notice that the city center is very well maintained, like the church of Soorts.

What first attracts attention in the pretty Landes resort is the architecture and the colors. The color of the sand, the reflections of the water, but also the Basque facades of white plaster, enlivened with half-timbered sections and briquettes in a typical Landes red. The natural light embellishes the whole. Then, we discover an environment specific to well-being. The long beaches neglected by surfers at low tide, the Landes forest with its characteristic scents of maritime pines and the perfectly maintained streets of the center of Hossegor. Each year, the municipality offers pine trees to local residents as part of reforestation campaigns and provides them with the best possible information on its sustainable management program.

In Hossegor, it's impossible not to soak up the local art of living which includes without distinction (or almost) Landes races, cesta punta, golf and water sports. There is no shortage of cycle and hiking trails, as are local shops, restaurants and other meeting places in the city center. Among them, Les Halles welcomes 17 artisans in the catering trade each year and the bustling local markets take place twice a week. Landes gastronomy obliges, at first glance we guess that here we like good products and generous plates.

Finally, if you are an investor and your research concerns the acquisition of housing for rental purposes (seasonal or year-round rental), commercial premises or even business assets, you will also appreciate the potential tourist attraction of this charming town which is one of the stages of the world surfing championship.

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Do you want to buy real estate and become the owner of a Hossegor house to live there or for a rental investment? Discover the real estate for sale offered by your real estate agency in Hossegor Barnes Côte Basque, specialist in the luxury real estate market and purchase sale in the South West, offering services for goods in particular for sale or for rent in the Landes: on the seafront, apartment in the center of Hossegor, with swimming pool and bathroom, character villas, charming property, independent studio, 2 rooms with equipped kitchen, contemporary single storey house , new architect, land for building, spacious apartments whose residence is close to the beaches of Hossegor, and much more to satisfy your tastes and desires for your real estate purchase in Hossegor. In Hossegor, a warm and sunny house near the lake or two-room apartments with parking spaces await you. If you come from far away to visit them, taking a plane to Biarritz airport is the best solution.

If you do not find a property corresponding to your expectations in the listing of real estate advertisements in Hossegor below, which includes exclusive apartments and houses, do not hesitate to contact us in order to study your purchase project. or investment in Hossegor. A consultant or real estate advisor will receive you within our real estate agency in Hossegor specializing in real estate transactions and will target any local property corresponding to your budget and meeting the criteria you are looking for. We also offer you the possibility of investing in real estate in Seignosse. Finally, Barnes also has 2 other agencies on the Basque-Landes coast, ideal if you want to buy a property in the Basque Country and invest in real estate in Biarritz or Saint Jean de Luz for example.

If your real estate project is to build in the South West, we will second a real estate agent from our offices to help you find land in the Basque Country in which to invest.

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Owner of a house or an apartment? If you want to estimate or sell your luxury property in Hossegor (house, villa or apartment), near the lake or not, mandate us now to obtain a reliable estimate of your house, apartment or even villa in Hossegor. You can benefit from the visibility of Barnes properties for sale to find your future buyers.

Hossegor rental

The rental division of Barnes côte Basque also takes care of the rental of real estate for holidays. You can contact us to entrust us with your Hossegor (or Capbreton) apartment rental or your Hossegor (and Capbreton) house or villa rental, and benefit from our expertise in finding a vacation tenant, the lease, the amount of rent, and any help or information desired. You can also discover our range of Hossegor vacation rentals.

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