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Luxury real estate in Pau



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Capital of Béarn, city of art and history which knew a big rise during the Belle Epoque, Pau is a city ideally located for the investors who have a project of acquisition of prestigious house. The Béarn is a beautiful and very sunny land halfway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean with, on the horizon, the Pyrenees. Barnes offers several luxury residences built at the gates of Pau. Large estate with its castle and its properties, charming house with panoramic views of the mountains and the Basque hinterland, single storey house with its beautiful living room, its bay window and fireplace: we have gathered for you residences prestige that meets the needs of the most demanding buyers.

Barnes accompanies you during all stages of your real estate project in Pau. Our team helps you identify your needs, sends you offers to grab that could interest you as well as exclusive ads. We schedule your visits and facilitate all your steps with the various players, including banks to allow you to easily access a mortgage. You can download our mobile application on your different devices (smartphone, tablet) and view all our content from anywhere, 24/7. A question ? Need additional information on Pau and its region? Have you just found your new primary or secondary residence? Contact our team and we will together give life to your project.

The view of Pau Castle offers a nice glimpse of what awaits us in this city full of monuments and cultural facilities. The city of Pau houses a superb cathedral seat the former diocese of Lescar (Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Cathedral), two neo-Gothic churches (Saint-Martin church, Saint-Jacques church), several interesting museums (Musée des Beaux- Arts of Pau, Bernadotte museum, Museum of the Resistance, Paratroopers museum), the Beaumont palace (where the symphony orchestra is performed), a casino, a concert hall (zenith of Pau), a racecourse (Pont-Long) , a golf club, several schools (Nicolas Barré Saint-Maur school and college in Pau, Sainte-Ursule college) and a renowned university (University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour). The city is also crossed by the Gave de Pau, a river conducive to water sports (canoeing, kayaking, rafting).

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Luxury real estate in Pau


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Household marital status: 46,100 married couples 24,505 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income

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