Buying a property in Urrugne

Annonces immobilières à Urrugne

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Buying a property in Urrugne



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Buy a property in Urrugne

Less than 4 km south-west of the seaside resort of Saint Jean de Luz is Urrugne, a small traditional village situated between sea and mountains. It offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings, facing the Basque mountains and the sea. To appreciate the charms and the exceptional landscapes of the Basque coast, there is nothing more simple than buying a property in this small corner of campaign. To successfully complete your property acquisition project in Urrugne, the real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque is at your disposal with these many real estate properties in the Basque Country.

Now, properties for sale in Urrugne are becoming more and more interesting. They are surrounded by space and offer beautiful views of the surroundings. It will be easy to find contemporary houses, traditional houses, prestigious villas with sea views or different types of apartments with views of the Bidassoa, Untxin or Lancette Creek with the help of our agents Real estate agencies in Urrugne.

Thanks to Barnes Côte Basque, real estate expert in Urrugne, you can buy your home or your second home close to the beaches of Hendaye and Saint Jean de Luz, near the Spanish border. In addition, you can rent it in season for a better investment.

Discover all the latest offers of houses, villas and apartments in Urrugne below. You can filter your search by selecting houses for sale in Urrugne, apartments for sale in Urrugne, or even holiday rentals in Urrugne.

Sell a property in Urrugne

Barnes Côte Basque also estimates real estate properties in Urrugne and surroundings for owners wishing to sell their homes, villas, apartments, etc. Their knowledge of the environment will be valuable in estimating the value of the property in Urrugne.

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Buying a property in Urrugne


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Household marital status: 8,540 married couples 1,433 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income


Medium household income

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