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Hossegor, the famous seaside resort

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They are neighbors and have nothing to envy, the Basque coast and the Landes are two regions with real charms that attract every year many holidaymakers, but also new inhabitants. And because these two regions have enough to dream and it is also the case of the city of Landaise Hossegor famous seaside resort a few kilometers from the Basque Country. Focus on this famous city of the Atlantic coast.

Very popular for holidays, with friends, with family or to put his suitcases permanently the city of Hossegor is a seaside resort very pleasant to live. Its beaches, walks, forests and activities offer a real well-being and a relaxing pace of life. This seaside resort enjoys an exceptional setting between the Landes forest and the Atlantic Ocean, near towns such as Seignosse and Capbreton.

A tourist town that does not lack life and activities, mixing traditions and originality with its neo-Basque architecture that attracts an elegant clientele. Between the beaches of the lake and the beaches Océanes it is not the walks and rides to do with family that is missing. The Landes forest is one million hectares is one of the largest in Europe and one of the major assets of the region. The promenade of the Hossegor canal, that of the tour of the lake, will also allow you to better discover the resort, its architecture, its fauna, its flora and its history.

Hossegor will also seduce athletes and especially surf lovers! Indeed, needless to say that this seaside resort is famous for its surf spots. Ideal to learn this essential sport on the entire Atlantic coast, to enjoy the mythical spots and high level of the area, or just attend competitions with the greatest pros surfers! True lifestyle in Hossegor as in the Basque Country, surfing rhythm life of Hossegor.

Do not misunderstand, if water is not your favorite playground, the golf of Hossegor dating from 1930 and characterized by its originality will perhaps seduce you. It is also according to some great players one of the most beautiful golf courses to date. Seignosse golf "Blue Green", neighbor, will allow fans to vary the fun! The walks, or hikes on foot or mountain bike, rollers in the Landes walks also offer 40km of sport at your own pace along the coast and in the forest. What to put to the sport easily and to take full view!

A few kilometers from the Basque Country the Landes are influenced by the Basque culture and also by its architecture. In Hossegor, the architecture has a Basque appearance and the seafront is the main witness. Its architectural style "Basco-Landais" found on both sides of the city makes sense in the seafront listed and prestigious architectural site, home to sublime period homes.

It is in the 30s that we owe this iconic and typical architecture that are part of the charm of the city. At that time the "Basco-Landais" style master villas appeared thanks to a group of local architects. Among these great names in architecture Louis Lagrange, Henri Godbarge, Louis and Benjamin Gomez, which offer the city a style apart and very coveted. A style characterized by villas Basco Landaise looking like Basques Labourdines houses, with Landaise influences with notes of plaster, bricks, beams ... Beautiful homes that have something to charm us in a walk.

Modern and tourist the city of Hossegor has the advantage of being able to propose a varied real estate park, of the villa of Basco-Landaise time to the flat of seaside resort you will find enough to satisfy your needs and your desires. To put your suitcases permanently or to offer a pied-à-terre by the sea for the holidays the advertisements in Hossegor are not lacking. For lovers of architecture villas Basco-Landaise have many assets, beautiful gardens, large openings and large rooms testify to the desire already at the time to enjoy and escape in an exceptional setting.

A substantial real estate offer, with the embarrassment of choice in terms of volumes and needs, Hossegor is the proximity of the sea, the forest, the lake and the Basque Country. Indeed the coastline Landais very pleasant to live seduces more and more, so much for a residence in the year that for a secondary residence or a seasonal hiring. Hossegor has a qualitative offer with beautiful properties including some renovated, or land to build, with mostly individual houses. In terms of price the real estate in Hossegor goes from 4412 € the m2 for an apartment on average and 4191 € the m2 on average for a house ... although the price per m2 for a house does not take into account the size of the ground, if there is a pool ... A house, brought to its surface is always me