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G7 Biarritz 2019: How to plan your holidays?

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From 24 to 26 August 2019, the next G7 will be held in the city of Biarritz. Do not panic: we give you all the information for a serene stay in the European capital of surfing!

This international event will bring together the delegations of the world's great powers: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Canada. What will be the impact on the organization of the city? How to anticipate your travels if you have planned to come on holiday in Biarritz?

Program of the G7 Biarritz 2019

For three days, the seven most influential heads of state and their delegations will meet in Biarritz to discuss the theme of this 45th G7 Summit: the fight against inequalities. A hot topic that will be complemented by other topical issues: climate and biodiversity, digital and artificial intelligence, Africa ... The various delegations will exchange to decide on common operations to advance these causes at the International scale.

Security device in Biarritz

To frame the event at best, an important safety device will be deployed in Biarritz. It will channel the flow of arrivals (delegations, various media, tourists) and protect the places where the G7 will be held.

Two areas will be included in this security feature. In zone 1, there will be the part between the Fishermen's Harbor and the lighthouse of Biarritz, that is to say the coastal strip which includes the town hall, the Palace Hotel, the Municipal Casino and the Bellevue Casino. The G7 will be held in this area, resulting in maximum security deployment with high monitoring and systematic verification of every passer-by entering this perimeter. Zone 2 includes the rest of Biarritz, which corresponds to the area from the Rocher de la Vierge to the roads.

Pedestrians: how to move?

If you are on vacation in Biarritz during the G7, you have no worries to have: it remains possible to move in the city center of Biarritz freely, or almost. As the areas are under surveillance, you will simply need to have a badge to show off when crossing certain key points. For more information on the conditions for obtaining badges, please contact the town hall of Biarritz who will tell you the procedure to follow.

Vehicles: how to move?

From Friday 23 to Monday, August 26, traffic and parking will be prohibited throughout zone 1 for obvious security reasons. So think about anticipating your vacation schedule and finding a safe location for your vehicle during these three days. Since traffic is exclusively pedestrian in zone 1, it may be a good opportunity to rediscover the city center, provided you have a badge.

Access to the beaches

During the G7 Biarritz 2019, some beaches will be secured, including the Grande Plage and the Miramar beach. This results in a suspension of water activities: neither navigation nor surfing will be allowed because of the proximity of the beaches with zones 1 and 2. It will nevertheless be possible for you to sail or practice surfing on other beaches, more distant downtown.