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10 decorating ideas for a luxury living room

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Do you want to create an elegant and upscale decoration in your living room? Luxury is expressed through a few touches that relate to the layout as to the accessorization. Discover 10 features that make your living room a luxurious room.

Enhancement of surfaces and openness to the exterior

The ideal way to suggest space or enhance already generous volumes is to play on the perspective by opening your living room to the outside: a judicious arrangement of the furniture makes it possible to include the garden, the terrace or the panorama in the extension of your interior. The gaze is not stopped by a room closed in on itself, but opens out towards the sea thanks to an impression of continuity between the inside and the outside.

The role of light

The presence of large openings has been a symbol of opulence for centuries. In the past, this link had for two reasons the existence of a tax on windows and the difficulty of heating large interiors. Today, the enhancement of brightness explains the search for large openings. A luxury interior is an interior that also benefits from the exteriors, that offers a view, that enjoys an ideal exposure and that is bathed in natural light. Otherwise, we play on the lighting, which is multiplied and directed with art to highlight the volumes and perspectives.

The fireplace

The lounges with the original fireplace have an undeniable cachet. In new or contemporary, also bet on a stove or a central fireplace for an effect of prestige and comfort. The use of fire here is purely recreational and poetic: it is not so much a method of heating as a way of life.

A beautiful carpet

The rug brings a touch of opulence and warmth to a living room. The advantage is that the rug is available in many styles that blend with classic, contemporary or exotic decorations. A large handmade Persian rug, a Scandinavian rug for interiors with contemporary decoration, a Berber rug or an authentic bashir: in silk, wool, graphic, short-pile or long-pile, a beautifully crafted rug helps to create an atmosphere of luxury.

A quality coffee table

A crucial piece in the decoration of your living room, the coffee table sets the tone of your style: sometimes true works of art, coffee tables particularly inspire designers. They can adopt clean and imaginative lines, or remain more classic but are distinguished by materials of great nobility: glass, marble, raw wood and natural stones, ironwork.

A library in the living room

It evokes literary salons, suggests culture among guests and brings great warmth to the decoration. The library is a must for a prestigious salon. Cabinetmaking models, in mahogany or solid oak, lend themselves particularly to luxury decoration. The library can be open shelving or showcases, the old fashioned way.

A remarkable painting

Rather than multiplying works of art and frames, bet on a central piece of beautiful dimensions, which will bring all its character to your room. In relief or on canvas, classic or contemporary, illustrative or abstract, your painting should above all give the sensation of being a unique piece.

A high-end dresser or sideboard

A storage unit, with or without a place for a TV, is essential in a living room. For a luxurious effect, you will choose it robust, beautifully made, and made from high quality materials. The classic style is on the rise for a delightfully retro and elegant atmosphere. But contemporary dressers with designer lines can also be found in very high-end bills.


For the well-being as for the style, a luxury living room cannot do without beautiful green plants or flowers. Choose them according to the orientation of your room to be sure they will retain all their luxuriance over time. The choice of pots will add to the touch of prestige. Indoor plants are also a decorative element that we particularly appreciate highlighting in our rentals in the Basque Country!