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Tips for your stairwell decoration

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Often relegated to their utilitarian role, stairwells are places of passage whose decoration tends to be abandoned. Yet they are often the first image that your visitors have of your interior! Follow our tips and ideas for an attractive and surprising stairwell.

In a house, a duplex or a building, the stairwell is a complex area to decorate, especially because it makes the transition between several spaces. However, it is important to choose the floor, the wall covering, the lighting and the accessories.

What are the basics of decorating a stairwell?

The shape and volumes of the stairwell are decisive in guiding your decorative choices. A narrow space, for example, will be devalued by overly imposing decorative elements which would obstruct passage and emphasize the lack of space. On the contrary, a large stairwell will gain warmth and character with a large-scale wall decoration, an imposing light fixture or a wallpaper with large patterns.

With these rules in mind, you can then let your imagination run wild, with an XXL clock, plants, a collection of frames, original wallpaper, a bayadère, an entrance table and niches decorated with trinkets. Whatever your choice, on the other hand, be sure to stay in harmony with the rooms that the staircase serves or connects: as a place of passage and transition, it cannot be treated with the same independence of inspiration as 'a closed room such as a bedroom or an office.

Also take care of the lighting, in order to enhance your decoration, but also to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere: ideally, choose intense light, but in warm tones. The vertical lines of the stairwell, like the staircase itself if it deserves to be enhanced, can be supported by lighting, arranged in strategic locations.

Sober or original decoration for your stairwell?

You don't want to opt for an overly marked decoration in your entrance or in the stairwell of your duplex? To combine discretion and elegance, bet on harmony, with a floor and wall covering identical to the rooms surrounding it. The area will thus blend in with the rest of the house.

If, on the contrary, the place inspires you, it can allow you to dare an originality that you do not allow yourself in a more central room of your home. Transform your stairwell into an art gallery, dare to use wallpaper with assertive patterns, or play with two colors to highlight the volumes and architecture of your staircase!

You don't know where to hang your family portraits or the little frames that charmed you at the second-hand dealer? The stairwell is particularly suitable for decoration inspired by collections and cabinets of curiosities. If you book a vacation rental in the Basque Country in one of our agencies, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to find a nicely decorated stairwell!