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The rapid development of home automation

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From January 9 to 12, 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas showcased the latest technological advances and advances in home automation. If no major revolution has been announced, it nevertheless confirms all the trends observed in recent years... and points to the next stage, in which Artificial Intelligence will be fully integrated.

Everyday objects

Today, more and more products in your home are connected. Whether it is your watch that can automatically control your coffee maker or your refrigerator that offers you recipe ideas, all everyday objects are affected by this technological evolution.

The stated objective is to make everyday tasks such as washing dishes and laundry as easy as possible. Indeed, the washing machines produced today are more and more autonomous and allow a better adaptation to the laundry to be washed thanks to an automatic identification of the labels of the clothes. Thus, the devices in the house are electronicized to allow a more adapted and secure use of your devices.

Smartphone: central object of home automation

The constant evolution of smartphones in recent years has been marked by the increasingly important place they have taken in everyday life. This is why home automation is based on this object which appears as a command to manage the life of your home.

Indeed, the remote opening and closing of blinds or windows is the very example of this new use of the smartphone. With the evolutions of home automation, the place of the smartphone will be bigger and bigger and will allow to control the different connected objects of the house.

Speech recognition: first step towards Artificial Intelligence

In constant development, artificial intelligence tends to take part in the life of the house. Indeed, the web giants (GAFAM) are all developing connected assistants: Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Pod. The objective of these assistants is to answer all questions quickly and as accurately as possible using voice recognition.

In the long run, the objective would be to no longer have controls but simply to control your home by voice thanks to these connected assistants. However, at present, most household objects are not yet connected.

A personalized management of your home

At each exhibition organized, new technologies are presented that characterize the rapid development of home automation. For example, we can take the new coffee machines, which can now be controlled simply by voice.

For a more efficient and secure management of your home, companies have developed intelligent plumbing systems today. The latter make it possible to effectively identify leaks and automatically close water or gas taps, thus avoiding possible damage.

The development of these new technologies is therefore in line with the age of time and is best adapted to our daily lives. The strong development of home automation tends to reduce to a minimum the risks and damage associated with installations in the homes of the future.

A control via facial recognition

With the presentation of the Iphone X, Apple lays the foundations for control via facial recognition. Companies have decided to adapt this technology to homes. With the introduction of biometrics, the opening of doors will now be based on the list of people you have authorized. Inside the home itself, this security will protect children from places where dangerous objects and cleaning products are stored, for example.

The cars of tomorrow

One of the most important projects in home automation is the development of the autonomous car under the impetus of the web giants or Uber. Some manufacturers have also decided to join this movement by developing their own connected and electric cars: Tesla, Ford, Audi, BMW... Little by little, these new cars are improving and the various tests are more and more conclusive.