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Biarritz, rising prices

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The success of the Basque Coast in general and Biarritz in particular, has led to a sharp rise in prices in recent years.

In recent years, the Basque country has been on the rise. Biarritz is one of the most popular holiday resorts in France. Golf, surfing, green architecture and landscapes, beaches and above all, quality of life take part.

This success has led to a sharp rise in property prices in Biarritz in recent years.

The average price of houses in Biarritz reached 5697 Euros / m2 at the beginning of March.


Over the past two years, the average selling prices / m² of houses in Biarritz have increased by around 30%. We do not yet know the impact of the current crisis which should at least stabilize them.


For apartments as for houses, prices depend largely on their location: the closer you get to the sea, the higher they are. The most expensive areas remain the city center, Les Halles, the St Charles district, the Golf du Phare, the Côte des Basques ...

The more remote districts, such as Lahouze and La negresse or Mouriscot, are a little more accessible.


The Biarritz market being very high, there is a transfer to neighboring towns. Houses and apartments can be found at slightly more affordable prices in Anglet, although the trend is also on the rise: + 15% over the past two years, and very variable depending on the neighborhood. Chiberta has very high prices quite at the level of Biarritz, the love room and the 5 cantons are on the rise, other districts remain at more reasonable prices. The average price per m² of houses in Anglet reached 4,515 Euros in March 2020.


Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart and Guéthary are equally on the rise. Their prices are quite similar to those in Biarritz, the palm going to Guéthary, whose average prices / m² are over 6,000 Euros, constantly increasing in recent years, and goods are scarce. Saint Jean de Luz and Bidart are around 5,000 Euros.

Whether in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart and Guéthary, properties benefiting from a sea view soar to at least 10,000 / m² and even more if they have additional highly sought after assets such as terrace, garage, and that they recently underwent a renovation.


As the Coast rises, the inland follows, although this is noticed at a much more reasonable level. Second-line towns such as Arbonne and Ahetze have seen their price points rise by 20-30% in recent years. You have to go into the interior of the Basque Country, towards Sare or St Pée sur Nivelle to find prices just under 3,000 Euros / m².

Source : Meilleurs, Barnes Côte Basque