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An exceptional selection of works of art and design, in Biarritz from July 17 to August 15, 2020

The ‘Conversations’ exhibition was born out of a meeting between Jean-François Declercq and Marc-Alexandre Ducoté in 2019, at the Atelier Jespers in Brussels.
A common taste for art, design and architecture, experienced every day. The pleasure of finding talent, meeting people, and placing discussion at the center of the action.

A fervent ambassador of craftsmanship from the Basque Country, Marc-Alexandre Ducoté likes to confront points of view, multiply dialogues, create convergences as much as resonate singularities. It was natural to welcome pieces from Belgian and other designers to the side gallery.

Accustomed to 'Itinérances', these nomadic design exhibitions that he organizes in Europe and the Middle East, Jean-François Declercq therefore puts down the suitcases of Design Brussels in Biarritz from Friday July 17 to Saturday August 15, in the side gallery .

‘Conversations’ is the first stopover for Design Brussels, this new platform created in June 2020 by Jean-François Declercq and Roel Rijssenbeek.
On the program, a journey through the works of renowned or emerging artists and designers, sharing common themes or materials.
Conversations follow to conversations: those of the artists and craftsmen to create the works, those of Jean-François and Marc-Alexandre to select them, those of the objects themselves which dialogue in pairs or in groups, and those of visitors soon ...

"Far from being silent, the many voices that speak through 'silent things', or speak for them, are legion. "Said Dick Hebdige (" Hiding in the light ", 1988) commenting on" Mythologies "by Roland Barthes ...


Design Brussels is a non-profit Brussels platform of expertise dedicated to contemporary Belgian design and international. Born from the common desire to support and promote designers & makers on the national and international scene, Jean-François Declercq and Roel Rijssenbeek offer a series of annual exhibitions and talks at Area 42, in Brussels. 

Design Brussels is a place of meetings and exchanges where all players in the field are invited to create new synergies to boost the creative sector and boost its influence within and beyond borders. A place of reflection offering a permanent curation of emerging and renowned designers & "makers" who put sustainable creation and responsible innovation at the heart. 

A transversal platform which proposes to represent the creators; support entrepreneurial initiative; organize annual exhibitions; edit furniture; provide a commercial showcase; participate in national and international fairs and events. Even more, it is a laboratory of ideas that brings together a panel of curators, experts, friendly galleries, media partners and designers in order to impact the artistic sector and stimulate creativity


In the spotlight for this exhibition, the works of Marc Baroud, Bounoure & Geneveaux, Damien Gernay, KRJST Studio, Studio Corkinho, Studio Elémentaires, and David Umemoto have been selected for Design Brussels. They will interact with those of Lee-Ann Curren, Pedro Galdon, Ucka Ludovic Ilolo,, Maentler studio, Javier Mendizabal, Joan Tarragó Pampalona and Alex Weinstein presented by editions du coté.


Marc-Alexandre Ducoté and his wife Elodie Maentler created in Biarritz les éditions du coté, a publishing house of art and design objects. 

By bringing together local artisans and talented artists around commissioned thematic collections, they create limited edition works of art. Real sculptures to live in, their objects are the result of an exchange of points of view between know-how rooted in their territory and unique artistic universes. They are aimed at an audience of art and craft enthusiasts sensitive to provenance, and looking for unique pieces. 

Considering the number of design pieces produced each year, they decided not to play the game of permanent renewal, and to invent a creative process promoting uniqueness, short circuit, and minimal environmental impact. From Bordeaux to Bilbao, from Pau to Biarritz, all objects are produced in the Basque Country and Aquitaine. 

They can be found in the side gallery, a space dedicated to art and design. An unexpected and confidential place where, within a 1950s construction designed by architect Louis Soubelet, edited objects and productions by local or international artists and designers mingle. Elodie's architectural firm, Maentler studio, occupies the upstairs offices.

In 2015, Jean-François Declercq founded Atelier Jespers in the modernist Brussels house designed by Victor Bourgeois in 1928 for the sculptor Oscar Jespers. 

Since then, the art space has continued to exhibit the sizes and the young guard of Belgian and international design, becoming an essential place of the Belgian cultural scene. The desire to promote this pool of talents led to the creation of the "# Itinérance" project in 2017, with the aim of offering the program to places, events and fairs across Europe and the Middle East. 

The following year, 6 + 2 Edition was born from this same desire to support local know-how by offering the edition of Belgian furniture and works of art. 

  And this year, Jean-François Declercq is teaming up with Roel Rijssenbeek to launch Design Brussels, a Brussels platform of expertise dedicated to the contemporary design sector. 


Opening Friday July 17 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

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Open Monday to Wednesday 10 am-12pm / 3 pm-6pm. Exhibition by appointment from Thursday to Saturday by writing to:, or via ...