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6 good reasons to buy a work of art

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Do you want to see the world differently, to change the scenery? You never dared to buy a work of art? It's time to discover the assets of what is also a great investment.

Joyfully dynamic, the art market, and particularly the contemporary art market, is attracting growing interest around the world. Museums and exhibitions attract a variety of crowds, while auctions seem destined to succeed. Art is now part of our daily lives and, increasingly accessible, it is now attracting new collectors. Here are 6 good reasons to buy a piece of art.

1. Sublimate your living environment

        If you sometimes have the feeling of moving into a bland and impersonal world, get started. A work of art will be the original and unique touch that will illuminate your interior with a different sparkle every hour of the day.

        As music softens manners, art invites dreams and serenity. Source of emotion, it will undoubtedly also be a vector of impromptu exchanges and heated discussions with your friends and visitors.

        2. To distinguish oneself

        Everyday life often leaves little room for the spontaneous expression of feelings. But have you noticed that art, in many forms, breaks down barriers, promotes sharing and gives way to intuition? Acquiring a work of art that has seduced you, that you have chosen and that you feel good about is a way of affirming your personality.

        3. Discover and educate yourself

        Before considering a possible purchase, confront yourself, soak up artistic experiences. Your view of the works, techniques and your perception of Art will evolve over your escapades in galleries and exhibitions. It may well be that there is no better way to enrich oneself, to cultivate oneself.

        4. Encourage the artists

        Buying a work also means recognizing and encouraging the talent and passion that drives an artist. As a boost, a smile, a support, an elegant way to participate in its success.

        5. Dare sharing

        To be interested in a work of art is to make an encounter. Deciding to buy it is also opening up to other encounters, with a gallery owner, an artist or other amateurs.

        Moreover, once acquired, it will generate exciting and passionate exchanges with your personal or professional entourage.

        6. Take pleasure in investing

        What seemed like an unattainable pleasure becomes possible today. Access to art is now easier and, regardless of the purchase value of a work, proves to be one of the best current investments. Not to mention that the works of art can give right to some tax advantages.

        By creating BARNES Art Advisory, we wanted to marry our real estate and heritage expertise with a longstanding commitment to contemporary creation.

        We accompany our customers in their buying and selling process, from their first heart stroke to the management of complete collections.

        When you consider buying or selling a property, the transaction also impacts your artistic heritage. We have therefore designed for you an offer grouping the management of transport operations, storage, insurance and restoration of works.

        By offering tailor-made services of expertise, valuation, advice in management of cultural and real estate heritage, BARNES Art Advisory has only one goal: protect and enhance your investments