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Energy performance diagnosis, what impact on your energy bill?

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You are not at the point on the meaning of the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) or what this term implies? We tell you more about the DPE and its role in the invoices.

What is energy performance diagnosis?

EPD, un diagnostic essentiel pour votre logement

The energy performance diagnosis or DPE is a diagnostic that allows you to take stock of the performance of your habitat in terms of energy expenditure but also greenhouse gas emissions. These settings are the ones that are used in establishing the diagnosis of your home or apartment. With the DPE, which must be done by a professional, you can know if your home is energy efficient or, on the contrary, if it is energy-intensive. The result is translated according to a scale that goes from A to G, and if you prepare to sell your property you must necessarily indicate the energy label of this property to buyers.

EPD and energy expenditure

The energy label of a property is taken into account when selling or buying a home because it is decisive in the amount of energy that will be consumed for the proper functioning of the home, and therefore in the amount of energy bills that you will have to pay. This means that if you buy a house with the energy label F or G your energy consumption will be much higher than that of a home living in a house or apartment labeled A or B.

How to subscribe an energy contract in coherence with your EPD?

Change the name of an EDF contract during a new subscription

Whether your home is well ranked or name on the energy scale, it may be advantageous for you to learn regularly about energy contracts offered on the market in order to always have the most advantageous offer and best suited to your needs. needs. But if your home is what is called an energy strainer, it is even more crucial for you to choose your subscription. Indeed, you must subscribe to an offer of electricity and / or gas that will not cost you too much to make up for the fact that you are spending a lot of energy.

Whether it's a simple change of supply, a move requiring you to take out a new contract or a change of EDF contract name following a death, you must follow several steps to change the name. an EDF contract and thus change the name on the bill and signify to EDF the change of renter's name. However, these steps are the same if you choose your subscription from a provider other than EDF:

  • Start by estimating your energy needs in order to know to which type of contract you have to turn to.
  • Compare the offers available on the market by referring to comparisons of online subscriptions.
  • Subscribe the supplier you want by indicating your address, your meter number and your RIB.

Find a contract at the best price at Direct Energie

The step of comparing the different contracts of the sector is very important because it is at this point that you make your final decision on supply. That is why it is recommended to consult comparators rather than go to the website of all suppliers: there are several dozens of suppliers also it would be very long, tedious and not necessarily very effective! To find out more about Direct Energie's price list and the price per kWh at Direct Energie in 2018-2019 to determine whether it is better for you to choose a Direct Energie rate for your gas or electricity supply, a supplier's contract or even the TRV of electricity or gas, offers comparisons are your best allies.

How to lower your energy bills?

Improve the DPE of its housing via its insulation

To reduce the energy losses in your home and thus save for sure on your energy bill, bet on an irreproachable isolation of places! Think essentially to ensure the watertightness of your home via its doors and windows but also and especially by proceeding to the renovation of your roof. This is where 30% of energy waste goes. We recommend the exterior insulation method on which you can find more information by clicking here.

Heating yourself with renewable energy

If you want your energy bill to go down, you can invest in a heating system that partially or totally uses clean energy such as sun, air or even wood. The latter is very popular because of its incredible performance: for example, by equipping you with a pellet stove, you are guaranteed a performance greater than 80%.