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Real estate loan without contribution

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Three quarters of French people prefer to buy rather than rent their main residence. A step that is sometimes difficult to take because of the contribution. Good news, however: it is possible to borrow with 0 euro.

Borrowing without contribution in real estate

New formulas are emerging in a growing number of banks: a possibility of real estate credit without a contribution. This allows buyers without significant funds to invest... under certain conditions. Green accounts, sensible spending and a minimum savings capacity are all encouraging signals for the bank. Another requirement: to be on permanent contracts. It should be noted that the borrowing rate will be higher than with a contribution (about 0.40-0.60%).

How to get a mortgage without a contribution?

At the moment, the real estate market is particularly favourable to new investments, particularly in Biarritz and the Basque Country. Banks know this and offer interesting formulas: for example, a credit at 110% of the property price, which includes notary fees and transfer duties. For a low-budget buyer, this allows quick access to home ownership.

Banks and home loans without a contribution?

The credit application is an important step, which must be prepared in advance. Find out about property sales in Biarritz and the Basque Country to estimate the type of property you will be able to claim. A few months before your credit application, make sure you have an impeccable budget management and no overdrafts. Finally, use a broker who can compare the offers of different banks and advise you the most advantageous.

Simulation of a real estate loan without contribution

Would you like to buy without a contribution? Prepare your project carefully with the help of a budget simulation. This will take into account your income and expenses to define the credit you can claim without putting you financially at risk. This will allow you to know your repayment period and the amount of your credit repayment each month.