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Guéthary neighborhoods

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Light on the districts of Guéthary, their shops and their real estate market

Haispoure district

West of Guéthary, the Haispoure district is a former fishing hamlet, which stretches over a large part of the municipality's coastline. In the middle of the 19th century, it consisted of the accommodation of families of coastal sailors or whalers, as well as some agricultural farms. The area remains one of the greenest in the town, with houses with large gardens, some cultivated land to the south, and the unspoiled natural areas of the coast west of the railway. The average selling price for a house in Haispoure is 6800 euros per m2.

Behereta district

North of Guéthary, on the edge of Bidart, the Behereta district is a residential area well served by buses because crossed by Getaria avenue (D810). The individual houses with gardens offer beautiful surfaces there. The neighborhood was built during the 17th century with the construction of the homes of naval officers and surgeons. The average price per m2 for a house is around 6,800 euros. The name of the hamlet of Behereta comes from its low position in relation to the Saint-Nicolas church in Guéthary.

Costa Aldia area

Formerly the least populated hamlet in Guéthary, Costa Aldia finally became its new center during the first quarter of the 20th century, thanks to the development of seaside tourism and the construction of the railway. The Town Hall was built there in 1926, next to the pediment. The district is located northwest of Guéthary, along the Atlantic coast and on the border with the town of Bidart. There you will find the tourist office, the SNCF train station, many shops and the famous Parlementia beach. Houses with gardens sell for more than 7,000 euros per m2.

Trinquet district

South of Guéthary and the Haispoure district, the Trinquet sector is particularly green. There are beautiful villas with swimming pools and large grounds, as well as small new suburban units. We also take advantage of the presence of the Guéthary tennis club. A few growing and grazing areas surrounded by hedgerows offer pleasant walking routes, just a few steps from the ocean. The nearby Cénitz beach is within walking distance. The selling prices of houses in the Trinquet district are overall above 6,800 euros per m2.

Church district

Around Saint-Nicolas church, this district is the most east of Guéthary. Long agricultural, the area has become residential with the development of highways. The district mainly shelters houses of large surfaces endowed with beautiful grounds. The area is very green and well served, both by road and by public transport. The average price of goods per m2 varies from 6,800 to 7,200 euros.