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Espagne street Biarritz

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Everything you need to know about Espagne street in Biarritz and its real estate market.

Where is Espagne street in Biarritz?

Ideally located between the Saint-Martin park and the beach of the Côte des Basques, the Espagne street forms a large arc of a circle of nearly a kilometer which stretches from the avenue du President JF Kennedy to the east. to the Helianthe crossroads to the west. The axis of the Espagne street encircles the south of Biarritz city center, at the level of the park and the Saint-Martin church, just above the Hippodrome des Fleurs, between Château Boulard and the Villa Natacha . You can access Espagne street by Avenue du Maréchal Foch to the east, Avenue du Maréchal Joffre to the north, Gambetta street or north-west, and Avenue Beau Rivage to the south-west.

Everything you need to know about Espagne street

South of Biarritz, towards the Spanish border, the Espagne street evokes this privileged southern location. It is also the starting point of the Madrid street , which stretches frankly south. The Espagne street sector has developed as a residential area, thanks to the attractiveness of the Côte des Basques beach on one side, the Hippodrome des Fleurs and the Saint-Martin park on the other. . The street of Spain has many advantages, since it also offers great proximity to the city center. It is served by the NBTZ bus line. Lines 38 and 44 also run west of the street, and line 5 run east.

Shops and services

The Espagne street is largely residential, lined with beautiful villas with large exteriors. Local shops can be found in particular at the intersection with Harispe street: bar-tobacco, restaurants, pharmacy, rotisserie, doctor's office or even hairdressing salon. A Carrefour City is also present on Harispe street, a few meters from Espagne street. The western part of the street, towards the Côte des Basques, is a much more commercial sector than the eastern part, which is more residential. However, the accessibility of the city center is the asset of the street and its neighborhood, along with the tranquility!

Real estate prices Espagne street

The average price of real estate in Espagne street in Biarritz, all properties combined, is 7,650 euros per m2. Prices per m2 can vary from 6,100 to 8,800 euros on this one kilometer long axis, mainly depending on the performance of the goods and their proximity to the ocean. The apartments are sold in Espagne street at an average price of 7,600 euros per m2. For houses, it takes from 4,700 euros to almost 7,000 euros per m2. The average price of apartments has been rising steadily, higher than that of houses in the entire neighborhood.