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Rue de la Bergerie in Biarritz

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Everything you need to know about rue de la Bergerie in Biarritz and its real estate market.

Where is rue de la Bergerie in Biarritz?

In the north of downtown Biarritz, near the Hôtel du Palais and the Saint-Alexandre church, the rue de la Bergerie extends on a west-east axis in the continuity of the rue du Lycée since the post office, up to rue Pellot which extends it to branch off to avenue Reine Victoria. It is just over 200 meters in length and enjoys a privileged location in Biarritz, 150 meters west of the Ferdinand Hirigoyen square, less than 300 meters from Miramar beach and 500 meters from Biarritz golf course. .

Everything you need to know about rue de la Bergerie

Rue de la Bergerie is one of the main arteries of the Saint-Charles district, located between the Biarritz lighthouse and the Grande Plage. The district is renowned for its sets of beautiful mansions around the church and the Saint-Charles shopping square. There are small streets and alleys lined with opulent villas, and a few rare small collectives dating from the 80s. Rue de la Bergerie is one of the busiest axes in the district with Place Saint-Charles and Rue gardens.

Shops and services

The rue de la bergerie offers a balanced living environment with a residential vocation but also a pleasant animation and the presence of practical local shops. Several restaurants are present at the beginning of the street, as well as food shops such as the creamery-cheese factory, the greengrocer, the butcher. For everyday shopping, we note the practical presence of two mini markets. A bookstore and a pharmacy, a florist and a beauty salon complete this panel of local shops. Just before rue Pellot is also a laundromat. The area is well served with the passage of the NSCH line to Sarasate Avenue.

Real estate prices rue de la Bergerie

Popular area for its proximity to the city center, the Grande Plage and the golf course of Biarritz, the rue de la Bergerie and its surroundings have an average price of 7,500 euros per m2 for all properties combined. For an apartment, the average price per m2 exceeds 7,500 euros, with a range of between 5,500 euros and 8,900 euros depending on the services. The average price per m2 of a house in rue de la Bergerie is lower, around 5,600 euros per m2 and a range of between 4,600 and 6,900 euros per m2.