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Rue de Pétricot in Biarritz

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Everything you need to know about rue de Pétricot in Biarritz and its real estate market.

Where is rue Pétricot in Biarritz?

South of Biarritz city center, near the Côte des Basques, rue de Pétricot is one of the small streets that start from rue d'Espagne. It stretches 450 meters south to Avenue de Pioche and includes a cul-de-sac that retains its name. On the heights of Biarritz, it is located between the ocean and the Hippodrome des Fleurs, 500 meters from the racecourse and 700 meters from the beach. The city center is approximately 1000 meters away, directly accessible via Avenue du Maréchal Joffre.

Everything you need to know about rue de Pétricot

Rue Pétricot is known for being home to one of the large groups that witness to the densification of buildings experienced by Biarritz in the 1960s. Its urban face is also made up of suburban groups whose gardens bring a lot of greenery to the landscape. The collective assets have the advantage of providing ample parking spaces and encouraging the establishment of shops, services, sports facilities and leisure facilities.

Shops and services

Mainly residential in character, rue de Pétricot is bordered on the west side by an apartment complex, and on the east side by individual houses with gardens. Just before Avenue Pioche, residents take advantage of many neighborhood services and facilities, such as the Maison des associations, the youth area, and a dance hall. Opposite, on the ground floor of the collective residence, there are a few local shops: tobacco-press, pharmacy, mini-market. You have to take the nearby Rue d'Espagne to find a few restaurants. Rue de Pétricot is served by bus line 5 which leads to the station and the Iraty hall as well as to Biarritz city center.

Real estate prices rue Pétricot

Despite its ideal location near the Côte des Basques and its easy access to the city center, rue Pétricot has an average price lower than that of the whole of Biarritz, all types of goods combined. The median price per m2 is less than 6,000 euros per m2: it amounts to 5,200 euros for an apartment but is higher for a villa or a house, which sells on average more than 5,600 euros per m2. The price range for a house or villa on rue Pétricot is from 4,650 euros per m2 at the lowest price observed, up to 6,900 euros for the most highly rated properties. For an apartment, count from 4,800 euros to 6,200 euros per m2.