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Rue des Mésanges in Biarritz

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Everything you need to know about rue des Mésanges in Biarritz and its real estate market.

Where is rue des Mésanges in Biarritz?

South-east of Biarritz city center, in the Iraty district near the SNCF train station, the rue des Mésanges stretches for just over 500 meters from north to south. It is located in the continuity of the rue des Alouettes, in this district where the names of birds are in the spotlight. It leads to the Allée du Moura which runs along the railway tracks on the north side from the station. Rue des Mésanges is located in the heart of the triangle formed by the three bodies of water of Lake Mouriscot, Lake Marion and the Etang de Brindos.

Everything you need to know about rue des Mésanges

Rue des Mésanges is located in the heart of the Iraty district of Biarritz, a veritable village in the city which has seen itself endowed in the 21st century with recent installations and numerous amenities. Between the train station and the airport, the area is known for hosting the large Hall Iraty, Biarritz’s recent exhibition center, which hosts large-scale cultural, sporting and commercial events. There is also the Basque Country School of Osteopathy. The periphery of the airport is characterized by its precious and protected natural spaces, composed of wet meadows and classified deciduous forests. The sector is booming.

Shops and services

South of the city center, rue des Mésanges is home to practical shopping areas, with various brands of mobile telephony, furniture and decoration such as the Berber carpet shop LesLosanges at 14 rue des Mésanges, as well as fabric stores. or even model making. Several take-out restaurants are also present in the street, as well as a brasserie and a restaurant. Athletes and families alike will appreciate the presence of a gym, a dance school and a skate park. Le Leclerc de Biarritz, including supermarket and Drive withdrawal, is less than 100 meters from the top of rue des Mésanges. The Iraty Hall Exhibition Center is 200 meters away.

Real estate prices rue des Mésanges

Are you interested in a property in rue des Mésanges and want to know the average price of real estate in this area? In this slightly out-of-the-way but very well served district of Biarritz, prices are generally lower than in the city center with an average of 4650 euros per m2 regardless of the type of property. The average price per m2 rue des Mésanges is more or less the same for a house as for an apartment. The range is a little different, ranging from 4,300 to 5,800 euros per m2 for apartments and from 3,900 to 5,600 euros per m2 for houses.