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Saint Charles district Biarritz

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Discover the Saint Charles district in Biarritz and its real estate market.

Living in the Saint-Charles district in Biarritz  

Do you dream of settling in the Basque country all year round, or are you looking to buy your second home for your holidays? Biarritz opens its doors wide to you: the largest seaside town in the Basque Country is full of charming districts and accommodation to be seized. Lovers of traditional neighbourhoods and close to the city centre, find out more about the Saint-Charles district without further delay: about 700 metres from the city centre, or less than 10 minutes on foot, it is also located near the sea: less than 500 metres are enough to reach Miramar Beach, and only 700 metres to get to the Grande Plage quay.

In addition to its ideal location, this district benefits from a beautiful dynamism: there are many local shops (supermarkets, banks, bakeries, wine shops, post office...) as well as bistros and bar-restaurants. During the summer months, the Saint-Charles district is particularly lively. Pleasant to explore, it has various flower beds and many period houses. A warm and pleasant neighbourhood on a daily basis, inhabited by a majority of elderly people and with a high proportion of second homes (almost half of all homes, houses and apartments combined).

Real estate prices in Saint-Charles

Close to the city centre, the Saint-Charles district is a particularly interesting location if you wish to make a real estate investment in Biarritz. The average price per square metre is estimated at between €5,580 and €6,100, with an increase rate of 23% for apartments and only 8% for houses over the last two years.

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