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Saint-Jacques street Saint-Jean-de-Luz

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Presentation of the Saint-Jacques street of Saint Jean de Luz and its real estate market.

Where is Saint Jacques street in Saint-Jean-de-Luz?

In the heart of the corsair city, the Saint-Jacques street is one of the oldest axes of the city along with the Gambetta street . It runs parallel to it, a little closer to the seafront. Saint-Jacques street stretches east behind the Grande Plage, starting from Joseph Garat street . It crosses Boulevard Thiers then Vauban street , and is then extended by Allée Perkain which leads to the pediment. From Joseph Garat street to allée Perkain, Saint-Jacques street is almost 400 meters long. At n ° 1 Saint-Jacques street, the beach is less than 100 meters away. At the other end of the street is the pediment and the large Ducontenia park.

Everything you need to know about Saint Jacques street

Among the historic streets of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Saint-Jacques street begins 50 meters from the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. In particular, it runs along the prestigious Sainte-Marie college and connects the city center to the pediment. Lined with typical Basque facades and beautiful mansions built by 17th and 18th century shipowners, it tells the story of Saint-Jean-de-Luz in its own way. Its shops readily reflect this image: Basque delicatessen, chocolate workshop or traditional Basque cuisine restaurants have been established there for a long time. A place to live, stroll and discover!

Shops and services

Saint-Jacques street is located in a pedestrian and shopping area. It is home to many shops and convenient convenience stores. There are several restaurants, but also various brands such as an art gallery, a decoration store, a hairdressing salon, a tattoo parlor, a wine merchant and a few ready-to-wear shops. The proportion of shops is a little less dense there than in the Gambetta street . Saint-Jacques street thus enjoys a good balance between residential and commercial vocation.

Real estate prices Saint Jacques street

The apartments located Saint-Jacques street take advantage of the many shops, the charm of the historic center, as well as the immediate proximity of the beach and the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. These goods are prized. Their price can vary from 6000 euros to 9000 euros per m2 depending on the services of the apartment and the condition of the building. The average price per m2 for an apartment for sale Saint-Jacques street in downtown Saint-Jean-de-Luz is 7,500 euros.