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Arcangues, the operetta village between modernity and tradition

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Common Basque Country, Arcangues is a village with a rural profile, but enjoys the proximity to the famous cities of Biarritz and Anglet. Made famous by the great Luis Mariano this city with many unsuspected assets enjoys an exceptional location between the ocean and the Pyrenees. Arcangues is a city cradled in history, linked to many personalities, where it is good to live and spend your holidays. Detour by this charming corner of the Basque Country to discover its wealth and its real estate.

Arcangues is a city cradled in history, like Saint-Jean de Luz his life and fame are partly built through the history and personalities who have passed. A story related to a family of lords since the twelfth century, the family of Arcangues that has made this town a famous place, popular and very touristy of the Basque coast. In the past Arcangues was the scene of heavy fighting and occupation and for many years it was representatives of the family of Arcangues who took in hand the destiny of this village, among them Pierre and Guy two men of letters.

So today the heritage of the village is marked by this family, you will find the borrowing of the Marquis Pierre d'Arcangues on many woodwork, this blue painting that we owe to him now bears the name of blue d Arcangues. The castle of Arcangues is a cult monument of the city, in which the family still resides. Other personalities also marked the village, Luis Mariano famous singer has stayed many times in the village from 1961, there is also buried. These personalities have clearly marked the municipality and contributed to its development and reputation and continue to make it vibrate today.

With a strong historical and cultural imprint Arcanques lives undeniably in the rhythm of tradition, but does not lack so much of modernity and youth and it is not for nothing that each year visitors from around the world linger on this small village with operetta decor. Arcangues is a village with a very strong identity, a hilly and peaceful corner to which we owe the very subtle basque nickname of "hemen bakea", in other words here it is peace.

A haven of tranquility with a very charming decor, which can boast of its proximity to the ocean, with cities very popular. The calm and the country tradition added to the proximity and modernity of the life at the edge of the ocean, something to graze the perfection. The famous Arcangues golf course, which does not fail to attract enthusiasts and make the reputation of the town will delight lovers of the sport to the white ball. Arcangues is the proof that the art of living in the Basque Country is not a legend, between typical and picturesque setting, savoir-vivre and well-being, tradition, gastronomy and festivals the good time awaits you in the Basque Country.

And as there is a good chance that once you have tasted the charm of this town you did not want to imagine you project elsewhere, here is a brief overview of the architecture and the real estate offer in Arcangues. As we have discussed before the city is marked by a history and by the family of the Marquis d'Arcangues, so the architecture is also. The historic center is around the church, with the marie and school witnesses of this heritage, the blue color of the shutters that are due to the Marquis differentiates the city and its architecture. The pediment is also one of the emblematic corners of the city since pelote is a cult sport in the Basque Country you can also here or Trinquet attend beautiful parties. The place of the theater of nature is a sublime place that will certainly make you capsize and in another style the hostel Achtal is the perfect illustration of the architecture in Arcangues.

You will find in the town of sublime homes, large properties with large gardens, which also rent well in the season. The land is the opportunity to find a property at a lower price than the coast while maintaining proximity to the sea and enjoying the calm and serenity of the countryside. Ideal to find a second home or simply to opt for a quiet and peaceful life. The real estate prices in Arcangues oscillate between 4300 € per square meter for an apartment and 2200 € for a house. The price adjustment since 2010 has seen the market of the Basque countryside, which includes Arcangues, return to prices quite interesting and much more affordable than a few years ago.

Do not hesitate to broaden your search for Arcangues, this village will give you ideas or trigger a crush for your future real estate project in the Basque Country. Its richness, its conviviality and its many assets will be able to seduce you just like the numerous sublime residences of the city