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Saint Jean de Luz, the unavoilable

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We often tend to talk about cities such as Biarritz, Bayonne or even Guéthary at the expense of the city of Saint-Jean de Luz. And yet it is not less attractive and prized, this city of the Basque Country has more of a charm and an asset in his bag to make you succumb. Between beach, mountain, lively neighborhoods living or spending your holidays in Saint-Jean de Luz is a real pleasure and a way of life.

Now a popular seaside resort Saint-Jean de Luz has nothing to envy to its neighbors, such as Biarritz, Bayonne or Guéthary. Bordered by the mountains and the sea, the city has a beautiful bay and a popular beach swimmers. A city full of charm and especially of history awaits you, a corner pleasant to live in particular during your holidays. Its large beach protected by dikes will attract your favors for its calm and accessibility, but the other beaches a little more hidden are not less charming then, do not hesitate to take a sunbath at the beach of Acotz or Erromardie.

The walk along the wide beach is also a nice asset, as is its charming city center and Gambetta street where there are many shops that animate it, ideal place for an afternoon of shopping. A street also enlivened by its bars and the place Louis XIV where you can enjoy a drink on the terrace, by its traditional shops from where you can bring back some souvenirs and treats of the Basque Country. Do not miss Adam's macaroons or Paries' mouchous, Txomin ice cream, sneakers and many other must-haves from the city.

The city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is marked by a very strong historical past, you may have already got wind of the latter or if only the name of the most famous place in the city that puts the In the ear ... Indeed the city lived its hour of glory many years ago when King Louis XIV chose the city to get married. A wedding in 1660 celebrated in the Saint-Jean Baptiste Church in the city center, an event that marks the city forever.

King Louis XIV is not the only one to have marked the city, the marine world has done just as much and remains today very present for the greatest happiness of the ocean lovers. Fishing has for a long time paced the life of this Basque city, whale, sardine, cod, tuna are the reputation of Basque fishermen. This activity was a pillar of the economy, especially through whaling, which gradually declined, giving way to tuna fishing. An activity that has however today lost its appeal. Also known for its basque corsairs the city even in the summer was nicknamed the "nest of vipers" by the English who feared the reputation and the catch of the Basques. Today many streets still bear their names, a real symbol Luzien ...

The coast of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its historical past make it a popular city in terms of real estate, second homes are very popular and can keep a foot in the ground in this sublime region. The history has notably left unmissable monuments, a very particular architecture that one finds in particular in the house of the infanta, of classic style this house of XVII sets the tone. And yes, it is not the beautiful homes that are missing in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the real estate offer is consistent, rich and quality! A house just minutes from the heart of the city or an apartment in the alleys full of history of the center, you are spoiled for choice. The choice has a price, the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the most expensive of the coast from the point of view real estate.

Its living environment, its landscapes and its activities make it very popular especially at the tariff level. With prices all the same down and a substantial offer you can only find your happiness, apartments of two or three rooms, sometimes four or five in buildings of 1900 or previous centuries. Prices are around 5000 € per square meter for an apartment and 3900 € for a house, sometimes requiring work. The seafront is home to real estate jewelry, apartments on 1970 Boulevard Thiers, or 18th century houses on the pier they reach higher prices between 9000 and 12 000 per square meter. Prestigious goods and especially very rare that only some lucky have the opportunity to acquire. Outside Saint-Jean-de-Luz you will find more modern and recent houses in vast properties.

On the coast near the Atlantic Ocean the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz has many attractions, so invest for holidays with a second home, or to put his luggage permanently is a smart and wise choice. A rising and fashionable city that does not have