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Bayonne between party and tradition

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Who among us has not heard of Bayonne at least once? Renowned for its red and white festivals that take place every summer, Bayonne is one of those well known Basque cities, capital of one of the seven Basque provinces, the Labourd. A few kilometers from popular places like Biarritz, Guéthary or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, cradled with history, culture and foreign influences Bayonne unique in its kind will charm you with its authenticity.

Known all over the world for its parties, Bayonne lives part of the year at the rhythm of this very famous event. A must-see moment in the Basque Country, where party-goers dress in red and white to enjoy for a week. A festival that attracts many visitors, an inescapable charm of this city also festive the rest of the year. Cultural, traditional or gastronomic events the city of Bayonne does not sleep and regularly offers entertainment of all kinds. What delight residents, visitors or neighboring municipalities. Bayonne is known for its festive spirit, life both outdoors and in the bars and restaurants of the city

Cradled by history and art Bayonne has a heritage and a very strong culture, from buildings to events it is what history has made of it. Years of history have given him riches in terms of rhythm of life as well as landscape and architecture. A Gothic cathedral, ramparts, the cloister, the Basque museum or the old castle make this city a real place of discovery.

Although impregnated and influenced by this historical legacy the city of Bayonne has not forgotten to revitalize and modernize. City party and seasoned, but also student and sports, its diversity can only encourage to put his luggage in this sublime setting a few kilometers from the sea Bayonne also attracts athletes, especially for the Basque pelota, but also rugby and practicable rowing in the two bodies of water of the city, the Nive and the Adour.

Rest assured, if you are not fond of parties, sports, or gastronomy, you will find something to do in Bayonne. A little shopping in the shopping streets at Bayonne architecture atypical that do not leave indifferent, relaxing terrace, exhibitions, walks is not the activities that are lacking in Bayonne.

With undeniable assets, a magnificent architectural heritage, old and atypical buildings, the reasons to live in Bayonne are not lacking. Due to its industries (aeronautics, and agribusiness in particular) Bayonne mainly attracts a clientele of primary residence, but also attracts a secondary residence clientele preferring authenticity and simplicity to the charms of fashionable seaside towns. High quality real estate is there as well! The city is full of interesting real estate offers; apartment in the center to enjoy the dynamism of the city, real estate in the outskirts to enjoy the quiet and more spacious buildings opportunities are varied. To live in Bayonne is to be able to find the rare pearl, the real estate dreamed and the diversity of the offers will allow you to find the good corresponding to your frame and rhythm of life.

A property in the land or in Bayonne, a little further from the sea will have a cheaper cost than a property on the seafront, indeed the cost of some real estate is very attractive, including the living environment that offers this city and the proximity with the sea very often determining criterion. Just like Biarritz, Guethary, Bayonne is ideal to enjoy a second home, benefiting from lower rates than in the latter cities very popular. The costs vary from 2910 € per square meter for an apartment and 2741 € for a house.

The outskirts of Bayonne can bring you peace and tranquility, more spacious property with garden including while the center of Bayonne offers a dynamic living environment in the heart of a sublime heritage, both in terms of architecture and architecture. lifestyle. The center is ideal to find a charming apartment, undeniable cachet overlooking the Nive for example or typical facade. It is the ideal place to live at a dynamic pace and enjoy the proximity to the many activities; in other words the happiness of the whole on foot is offered to you by investing in the center of Bayonne.

Thus Bayonne is an excellent compromise to live in town between sea and mountain. Indeed, less bourgeois, Bayonne is a very interesting alternative to invest in real estate in the Basque Country. A few minutes from Spain, the sea and cities in vogue it is not the benefits that are lacking, what to think about when buying a future property on the Basque coast.