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Guéthary, the beautiful coveted

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On the front of the scene of the cities very popular and appreciated of the Basque Country one finds very often Biarritz, this luxurious seaside resort, luxurious and elegant. And yet the entire Basque coast is lined with towns and villages sublime, among them a few kilometers from Biarritz, Guéthary. This small village called Getaria in Basque is located between the beautiful Biarrote, Bidart and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, it is full of wonders to discover and sublime places to live.


Coming from the Latin "Cetaria" which means salting place, Guéthary housed a fish processing plant above the port. Indeed, Guéthary is a town of fishermen and this universe left its borrowing to the village which makes it atypical. The city of Guéthary is indeed an old harbor at first whaling, but also tuna and sardine, it is today a seaside resort coveted.

The resources of the sea are very important in Guéthary especially in terms of recreation, the beach and surf spots make this city very attractive for lovers of the sea and water sports or for lovers of lazy days. Aimee surfers this city open to the ocean also seduces more than one visitor with its breathtaking landscapes. This village between tradition and modernity, lives at the rhythm of Basque traditions, pelota, chistera, surf and neo-Basque architecture set the tone for Guéthary.


There are places in this city not to be missed, among them the port without a doubt, which remains one of the jewels of Guéthary. Very inclined for whaling, it will offer you a sublime view and remains above all this typical and charming place, where you can stroll between the boats and colorful boats that give this place an undeniable hidden.

The town hall and its pediment side by side surrounded by large plane trees is a place where you can stroll or play a small game of pelota. Do not miss a stroll on the itsasoan footbridge to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. Finally, the Parlementia chapel also offers sunsets worthy of postcards or great movies, a place where locals do not will surely say that good.

Like many beautiful towns in the Basque Country enjoying this proximity to the sea and beautiful landscapes, Guéthary is very popular in terms of real estate. Its many assets and typical charm of the Basque Country make it a little more famous every day. Thus its main resource today is tourism and since 1800 Guéthary sees homes as second homes enormously develop, with as many attractions difficult to resist this village and the desire to settle there.

From the apartment to the sumptuous residence through the villa, these properties of the neo-Basque type for many, dress this town to the very privileged situation. Guéthary as Biarritz is one of those cities home to real estate treasures, exceptional properties, some signed by exceptional architects such as Pavlovsky or Godbarge. Two renowned architects shared between Basque and international references that have marked the architecture of the Basque Country, such as Durandeau who has offered the coast of sublime villas. André Pavlovsky is also the author of the entrance lights of the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

You will find in Guéthary sublime real estate, taking advantage of an extraordinary situation as in few cities elsewhere. Seen on the sea, on the Basque coast and the beaches of the Landes, or so on the mountain the choice is large and facilitates the crush. More calm and confidential than Biarritz, Guéthary does not have to blush his assets and deserves more than a glance.

In terms of real estate the town is home to various types of property, from the apartment to the neo-barn renovated (or to renovate) it is true that the offers are balanced and varied. The price per square meter averages 4771 € for an apartment and 4517 € for a house. You will of course find property below and above these amounts, all depends on the good of your dreams. The Basque coast and in particular Guéthary reserve you nice surprises in matters of real estates and architectures, the large Basque houses shelter very beautiful spaces, large rooms to live, gardens and these buildings are often very bright thanks to beautiful bays glazed windows and large openings.

If the Basque coast is your eye, or if your project for buying real estate in the Basque Country is in full realization do not hesitate to linger on the city of Guéthary is worth the detour. With many qualities and a certain charm it is the ideal town to spend a beautiful holiday, but especially lead a very pleasant life between sea and mountains, just minutes from famous cities such as Biarritz, Bayonne and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.