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Beaches of Guéthary

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The beaches of Guéthary are among the most beautiful surf spots on the Basque coast. Discovery.

Harotzen Costa Beach (or Les Alcyons)

Not far from the port of Guéthary, the Harotzen Costa beach is accessible by the Alcyons pier to the north, by the fishermen's path to the south, or by the cliffs path then by stairs which lead halfway from both ends of the beach. There are rocky areas, sandy areas and many pebbles. The waves are often strong at high tide and swimming is not supervised. The Alcyons beach is however welcoming for families, because a pool forms there at low tide, ideal for swimming for the little ones. The quality of the water is also remarkable, and we appreciate the very preserved wilderness setting. Fishing is allowed on the pier side. Surfers, meanwhile, access the renowned Avalanche spot via Harotzen Costa beach.

Cénitz Beach

At the limit of Guéthary and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Cénitz beach is a haven of peace and nature. Accessible on foot by the coastal path, it is bordered by protected natural areas which are home to rich flora and fauna. This family-friendly sandy beach is supervised in July and August. The bottoms are more rocky on the Guéthary side. The path to Cénitz provides easy access to the beach by car. There is parking at the end of the road, as well as a restaurant with panoramic views of the Atlantic from its terrace. Cénitz beach is also popular with surfers for its rolls.

Parlementia Beach

Reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Basque Country, Parlementia is also famous for its wave, which faces Guéthary. The expanse of sand straddles the territories of Guéthary to the south and Bidart to the north. Above the port of Guéthary, Parlementia is very pleasant for families as well as for surfing enthusiasts, and little frequented in summer due to the discretion of its access. You can get to the sand of Parlementia Beach by the Whale Trail or by the beach promenade. On site there are kiosks and huts where you can eat and have a drink facing the ocean.