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The espadrille: the typical Basque accessory

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Of Pyrenean origin, espadrilles are lightweight canvas shoes with a sole made of braided hemp rope.

In order to perpetuate and modernize the tradition, the Arsène and Espartine brands now offer trendy models while preserving all the authenticity of this typically Basque accessory.

History of a Basque culture

Produced since the 18th century, espadrilles quickly spread throughout the Basque Country. Originally, this accessory was more attached to the image of a farmer's shoe. Over the years, the espadrille has remained in popular culture and is now a real fashion accessory. Today, the espadrille is an integral part of Basque culture and is used for various traditional costumes in the Catalan countries.

Many brands and stores continue to sell and offer a wide variety of espadrilles models. Every year, new collections of espadrilles are offered and bring this symbol of Basque culture to life. Designers such as Arsène and Espartine now bring a new touch of modernity to this centuries-old accessory.

Arsène: a modern and offbeat brand

Founded in April 2012 by Audrey and Charlotte, two friends from Mauléon, the Arsène brand offers a modern and offbeat collection. With a production in the Basque Country, this brand of espadrilles strives to guarantee the quality and originality of its creations. Indeed, in order to modernize the espadrille, these two young Basques have created modern and original models: sequined, floral, ethnic, lace, rising, laced....

For women and men, all these models are at the top of the trend and bring a real touch of originality. Since the creation of their brand and the opening of a shop in Bayonne, the two young women have developed their range and also offer socks, caps and berets. The brand's success is growing and their reputation in the Basque region is well established!

Espartine: the taste of authenticity

Among the other espadrilles brands in the region, Espartine has been present in the Basque Country since 2010. Its director, Antoine Olive, is committed to preserving the production of his models in the region in order to keep all the authenticity of the accessory. This desire to preserve the origins of the espadrille is present in the name of the brand "espartine" which is the former term of the espadrille.

While keeping the traditional codes of the espadrille, the brand brings the espadrilles up to date by proposing different models: retro leather pieces, iconic embroideries, original colours... In order to guarantee the quality of the products, the fabrics and leathers are entirely hand sewn. Every year, a new collection is proposed in order to stay at the top of the trend with this essential accessory in the Basque Country.

Originally present in the Basque Country, the espadrille is now one of the accessories that can be found most often in summer on all the beaches of France. Thanks to designers who revisit the concept and bring a touch of originality to this accessory, the espadrille continues to live and becomes a real fashion accessory. This accessory, which is an integral part of Basque culture, is now being showcased by various Basque designers who are committed to maintaining local production by hand.

Arsène and Espartine are today two important brands in the Basque region that offer very good quality products. With different but innovative collections, everyone can find the model they like. If you rent an apartment in the Basque Country for your holidays or if you stay in the region, don't miss buying your sneakers from these designers to bring back a trendy souvenir!