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Rent a house in Urrugne


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Common of the Basque province of Labourd, Urrugne is bordering the towns and villages of Hendaye, Ciboure, Ascain, Sare, Biriatou and Irun in Spain. Nestled between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean, it offers a preserved and authentically Basque rural setting, close to the famous beach of Socoa. Urrugne is composed of seven districts with varied faces: the Bourg, Socoa-Corniche, Kechiloa-Choucoutoun, Cross Bouquets-Route of Spain, Behobie, Mendichoko, and Olhette-Helboure. The Ibardin Pass is also part of Urrugne: culminating 310 meters above the Atlantic, it marks the border between France and Spain. Renowned for its ventas, it also offers an exceptional view of the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Village with a rich cultural heritage, Urrugne counts on its territory several remarkable sites. Among them, Urtubie Castle tells you more than 6 centuries of history from its construction to the present day. The church of St. Vincent d'Urrugne, recognizable by its amazing bell-tower porch, sports a Renaissance style mixed with Spanish Basque inspiration. Inside, three floors of wooden galleries highlight the height of the building. Notable buildings also include the impressive Basque villa Mendichka, the chapel of Socorri and many typical Basque houses called "Etxea" in Urrugne. Barnes immobilier has selected for your stay in the Basque Country exceptional homes that can be rented by the week or fortnight. Our seasonal rentals of charm are distinguished by their exceptional locations (facing the ocean, overlooking the Pyrenees), their beautiful volumes and their high-end services. Enjoy the mild Southwest weather and varied landscapes in a villa with pool, large terrace, panoramic bay, landscaped garden and open views of the natural environment.

Actualités immobilières à Urrugne