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Luxury real estate in Ance


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You have in mind a project to buy a luxury house in the south-west of France, in the heart of Béarn? Do you need real estate advice from a knowledgeable professional in the area to make your real estate acquisition a great investment? Use Barnes, a reference for the sale and rental of luxury homes and apartments on the Basque coast and its region.

We offer luxury residences in Ance, a town of just over 200 inhabitants located in the Barétous valley. From the small single storey house with garden near the Saint-Etienne church to the magnificent mansion that belonged to a musketeer, we have assembled for you the best properties of Ance. Our team puts its know-how and professionalism at your disposal to find a luxury property in accordance with your desires and your budget. Loi Carrez, number of rooms and square meters, location, orientation, spacious living room with bay window: we help you to realize your project to make you a happy owner. Our team can also advise you to obtain a loan and increase the value of your new property. Thanks to our mobile application, you can consult from our smartphone or tablet our exclusive offers to Ance, as well as all our available content. An offer interests you? Contact us and we will schedule your visits.

Are you about to become Ançais? Congratulations! You can now explore nearby towns such as Féas, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Esquiule and Agnos. Several hiking trails will allow you to reach the surrounding peaks and have a magnificent view of the Barétous valley: Soum de Cassiet, Soum d'Ombret, Soum d'Aulis, Mer de Her ... The chasm of Listre, located at north of the town, is also an ideal place to relax in a peaceful natural setting for a few hours. The town is crossed by Mielle and Vert, two tributaries of the Gave d'Oloron that provide Ance a special charm.