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Buying a property in Louhossoa


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Property for sale in Louhossoa

Set at the foot of Mount Baïgurra, the small village of Louhossoa has a certain charm with its houses with period architecture and rural atmosphere. The purchase of a property in Louhossoa is an excellent investment. Do not hesitate to buy your second home or your future housing close to the Basque coast and the Spanish border with the help of the real estate expert Barnes Basque Coast. This experienced and competent real estate agency offers quality real estate for sale in Louhossoa.

The real estate advertisements in Louhossoa are presented hereafter. You will discover many types of real estate for sale like contemporary houses, old farmhouses, modern homes, luxury villas, any type of apartment (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and more) ... Close to its church or its pediment, at the foot Baïgurra with an impregnable view on the surroundings or in calmer places, you are free in your choice.

Sell a property in Louhossoa

All owners wishing to sell their property in Louhossoa can also contact the real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque for the estimation of their property. Since our real estate consultants follow better than anyone else the real estate market not only in Louhossoa but throughout the Basque coast, they will be able to determine its true value.