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Real estate in Morlanne


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20 km from Pau in the north of Béarn, the medieval village of Morlanne has developed around its church and its castle. Watered by the Luy de Béarn, the town offers a high quality living environment between vast forest estates, preserved architectural heritage, ancient bastides, view of the Pyrenees and near the path of Compostela. Among the remarkable built heritage of Morlanne stands a 14th century castle open to the public which houses prestigious collections. The medieval city also retains fountains-washers, a fortified church of the 13th century, beautiful Bearn houses and the Belluix House, lodgings of the 15th-16th century. Morlanne is also the headquarters of a publishing house for children's literature. Among the exclusives Barnes villas and mansions with intact charm: fireplaces, wood paneling and tiled period will seduce lovers of beautiful stones and historic homes.