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Buy a house in Oloron Sainte Marie


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Cultural, artistic, sporting and dynamic city, Oloron-Sainte-Marie is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities of Béarn. An ideal destination for real estate investors who wish to acquire a prestigious house in the Basque hinterland. Expert in the rental and sale of luxury residences in the south-west of France, Barnes accompanies you in your purchase of upscale house in Oloron Sainte Marie. From the old house renovated with its properties to the contemporary house with terrace and panoramic view of the ramparts, we have selected for you the most beautiful properties of Oloron.

By calling on Barnes, you will inherit our know-how and quickly find the home that will appeal to your entire family. We will recommend the best locations that offer good value for money (price per square meter, real estate value). We'll send you exclusive ads that you'll be able to see from your smartphone or tablet if you've already downloaded our mobile app. We will schedule your visits, facilitate your efforts and act with banks to allow you to access a credit and an attractive rate. In short, we will help you fulfill your dream of owning a luxury home in Oloron.

Surrounded by prestigious vineyards such as the Domaine de Cauhapé (where the famous Jurançon comes from), Oloron Sainte Marie is a city of art and history which contains a rich and varied cultural heritage. In addition to its magnificent ramparts, the city is home to a cathedral (Sainte-Marie cathedral), several churches (Saint-Pierre church, Sainte-Croix d'Oloron church, Notre-Dame church), a majestic castle (Château de Legugnon), old buildings (tower of Grède, building of the street Pomone) and several museums (villa of the country of art and history of the Béarnaise Pyrenees, House of the Heritage). The city has several sports facilities including the water sports center of Soeix and a water park (Aqua Béarn). It is also home to the world-famous chocolate maker Lindt.