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Buying a property in Sauguis Saint Etienne

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Real estate purchase Sauguis Saint Etienne

Come and discover the prestigious properties that Barnes Côte Basque has selected for you in Sauguis-Saint-Etienne! Located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, between the sea and the mountains, this Basque village of less than 200 inhabitants is a privileged place to acquire a top-of-the-range property. The municipality is divided into 8 districts: Donetzebe, Jakeoaltea, Aranbürü, Gathieta, Kharrika, Saratsaga, Zügüne, Ozkünegarai. It is watered by several tributaries of the river Oloron: Sauson, Aucet, Cocostéguy, Ibargonéa... You dream of buying an old stone house recently renovated with a panoramic view over the mountains? A contemporary house with Basque architecture with a large living room, bay window and fireplace? Solicit the services of our real estate agents and realize your real estate dream in Sauguis-Saint-Etienne.

Sell a property in Sauguis Saint Etienne

Like buying and selling a property, the sale of a property requires time, patience and great expertise. Barnes Côte Basque helps you to put your house for sale in Sauguis-Saint-Etienne. We have a perfect knowledge of the sector and the market. We will help you to estimate the value of your property and find a buyer as quickly as possible. Publication of your ad, search for potential buyers, visits, administrative procedures: our real estate agents offer you a global and personalized service.