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Buying a property in Urt


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Buy a property in Urt

Urt is a charming village on the south bank of the Adour, on the side of the Pyrénées Atlantiques. It is at the same time close to Bayonne, Briscous and Urcuit. He possesses among other things many real estate to sell for those who plan to make a real estate acquisition in Urt.

With Barnes Côte Basque, come discover the beautiful farms proposed for sale in Urt, houses for sale labourdines, old fortified houses for sale, contemporary houses or even apartments T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and more proposed to The purchase in this quiet village with the decor of campaign. Find a real estate office or property for holiday rental in Urt, using the pickup at the bottom of the page. See our homepage Urt.

Sell a property in URT

You own a property in Urt that you intend to put up for sale, Barnes Côte Basque is at your service for an estimation of its value. The real estate consultants in Urt have a great knowledge of the real estate market in Urt and all around to get a fair and reliable estimate of your property for sale.

They are responsible for estimating houses, villas, apartments and any other type of property.