Buying a property in Ascain

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Buying a property in Ascain



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Estimate your property according to its features

Thanks to its knowledge of the real estate market in the Basque Country, the real estate agency Barnes adapts to your real estate project in the region and to your budget. Find the accommodation of your dreams among our wide range of houses and apartments (duplex, studio, 1 room, 2 rooms, ... until the T5) of exclusive standing. If you prefer to invest in a plot of land, to build offices or a nice detached house with customized surface, you will also certainly find a plot corresponding to the criteria of your search in our selection. Finally, if you have property to sell or to rent, do not hesitate to contact our real estate experts who will accompany you in the search for the investor or the hired tenant.

Buy a property in Ascain

Ascain charms its authenticity because it has preserved its traditional side through the years. In this village of character of the Basque Coast, the architectures of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century predominate. You want to buy a real estate in the middle of this typical scenery, facing the mountains of the Rhune and the Basque Country? The real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque, leader in real estate in Basque Country, is exactly what you need. Our real estate agents are able to help you in your project of purchase and sale real estate in Ascain, both for the purchase of an apartment in Ascain, as well as the purchase of a house in Ascain. But also on vacation rentals in Ascain.

By acquiring a property in Ascain, you opt for beautiful mansions with views of the mountains, near the beaches of Saint Jean de Luz and the golf courses. With Barnes Côte Basque, choose between: house of character, prestigious villas, apartments T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 or more. Discover all the real estate ads in Ascain.

Sell a property in Ascain

The Barnes Côte Basque agency is also at the disposal of all the owners wanting to sell their apartments and houses or villas in the village of Ascain. For sale house and apartment sale, a good estimate is paramount in order to set the right property price of the property. New apartment (new house) or to renovate, in the city center or in a quiet residential area, in a prestigious residence or in a building, with or without terrace, basement, garage, parking place. Are involved in the calculation, and more. Thanks to our long experience and proven expertise in this field, our real estate agents in Ascain can estimate your property with regards to your interest and advise you in your project. If this is not an apartment for sale but a rental apartment, a wise look will be there also brought to you throughout the process: rental announcement, rent, lease ... The visibility of our agency will promote there Also greatly as your opporton to find a tenant for your Ascain apartment.

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Buying a property in Ascain


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Household marital status: 3,509 married couples 541 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income

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