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real estate Saint Jean de Luz

Real Estate Saint Jean De Luz



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The real estate market in Saint Jean de Luz

In Saint Jean de Luz real estate and tourism are the kings. The pretty Basque city in the Pyrénées Atlantiques has fifteen real estate agencies for 12,612 homes. It must be said that with 41% of tenants and 55% of owners, the local market is of great interest, confirmed by the approaches of potential buyers.

Saint Jean de Luz is also home to 44% of second homes, including luxury apartments with sea views and luxury homes in the most popular areas.

Both a flowered city, a seaside resort and a privateer city, it is now labeled City of Art and History. Such advantages fully justify the desire to invest and settle there, as does the large number of real estate agencies. It is useful to know that the average net income per tax household is 25,100 euros. There is a rather balanced socio-professional distribution with 55% of employees, 45% of executives and 35% of retirees.

More than 2/3 of real estate has an area of 40 to 99m2 while 24% exceeds 100m2. The real estate market can be tight with 2% vacant homes, but this proportion varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Finally, the price per m2 can undergo big variations depending on the location, with the Saint Jean de Luz Saint Barbe district as the highlight. For example, the current average price is higher for apartments than for villas.

Living in Saint Jean de Luz

While crossing the city, the charm and the authenticity of Donibane Lohizune (St jean de luz in Basque) jump to the eyes. In the surroundings of the historic center and its pedestrian streets, near Boulevard Thiers, stroll along the Jacques Thibaud promenade and sit on the terrace or on a balcony upstairs in one of the local restaurants to admire Lafitenia beach. The city also sports another of the most beautiful views of the Basque coast since the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, also called the bay of Socoa, is one of the few sheltered harbors in France. But the one that should not be missed is the panoramic view of the Basque Country from the Rhune mountain, a few kilometers away. Its little train that accompanies you to the summit is also one of the most visited tourist sites in the South West and France with just under 400,000 visitors each year. In terms of infrastructure, the pedestrian center was recently renovated thanks to a new program launched by the town hall, which also made it possible to park your car in a parking space in the basement in the heart of the city, all over 4 floors with elevator . A popular destination in the Atlantic Pyrenees during the summer, Saint Jean regains its calm out of season while remaining a lively town. It is good to live there all year round.

The Basque history and culture of the Basque Country owe a lot to Saint Jean de Luz. It was in the home of a Luzian shipowner that the very young King Louis XIV was welcomed and lodged for nearly a month, waiting to meet the Infanta of Spain, future Queen of France. It is always a pleasure to visit this house as well as to walk in the old town in the footsteps of Maurice Ravel, to stroll in the botanical garden or simply to walk on the beach of Lafitenia. The town maintains and enhances its cultural and built heritage but also takes care to facilitate daily life. The supply of public transport continues to grow, the pedestrian center has been recently renovated, new housing built and underground parking lots constructed. Saint Jean has many nurseries and schools as well as high schools of a good standard. Sports and leisure facilities are available in each district. The city is full of local shops of all kinds, excellent restaurants, welcoming terraces on the port and we love the covered market and its fish market. Not to mention the incredible panorama over the Basque country offered by the nearby Rhune mountain.

The main districts of Saint Jean de Luz

Districts Urdazuri, Urquijo, Habas, Fargeot - Errepira

Fairly close to the city center, they are home to a good number of low-income tenants but have 33% of second homes. The housing stock is made up of apartments and townhouses. These rather calm districts have local shops, schools and high schools as in the Fargeot district, sports facilities but have relatively few green spaces.

Sainte-Barbe district

Facing the beach of Flots Blues, this wooded residential area has 66% of owners whose average income exceeds € 30,000. With 50% of rather old people and few young people, there are nice goods and some public services but no trade. Between a beautiful terraced house with private garden and a superb apartment with panoramic views, the choice is yours.

Jalday, Urthaburu, Balcoin, Alturan 

These quiet and protected residential areas are home to only 330 residents. In a wooded setting and a countryside atmosphere, you will certainly find a beautiful recent detached house. it has more children and adolescents than retirees, but no schools or public services. 

Districts Aice Errota, Moleressenia, Lake 

They are similar to the Sainte-Barbe district but without direct access to the sea, although the Aice Errota district is just nearby. They have less than 1,000 inhabitants. The average income is quite high (30,300 €) and the population is rather old. With a high capacity for tourist accommodation, especially the lake district, they remain purely residential. 

Districts Ichaca, Urquijo, Habas, Fargeot, Errepira 

Near the center, they are made up of apartments and have 23% social housing. 56% of residents are owners and 35% are retirees. Poorly served by public transport, there are shops, but few green spaces and above all too few general practitioners. You can also find a town house there. 

Neighborhoods Chibaou Berria, Acotz - Beraun 

In these lively, leafy neighborhoods, you may find your ideal recent home. A majority of executives and employees live there and there are more than 20 years of age than retirees. With many shops and restaurants facing the sea, they are festive and family-friendly like the Acotz district. 

Neighborhoods André Ithurralde, Layatz, Kechiloa, Karsinenea 

With 25% social housing, they have a high population density housed in apartments or townhouses. 53% of the inhabitants are owners and mainly employees and workers with an average income close to that of the city. These neighborhoods, where 34% of the elderly reside, lack health services. The Saint Joseph district is located nearby. Downtown Facing the ocean, this district has a record rate of second homes (56%) and many small areas. Inhabited by a majority of executives and elderly people with rather comfortable incomes, it is the cultural heart of the city. There is also the large beach, the casino, and a lively nightlife. 

Districts Erromardie, Etchebiague, Argi Eder, Ocean, Archilua 

Nicely wooded, facing the sea, they are resolutely residential. Mostly employed couples and singles live there. 67% own newer villas or other real estate. There are more than 20 years of age pensioners but no school, few shops and services. 

Neighborhoods Bailenia, Chantaco, Forgosse, Sopitenia, Behereco Borda 

Far from the ocean and the city center, these neighborhoods are sparsely populated (690 inhabitants) but 60% of the inhabitants own an apartment or a town house. The environment is calm and green, country-type but they are quite poorly served, lacking in shops, entertainment and without any doctor. 

Real estate purchase Saint Jean de Luz 

Over time, the real estate sector in Saint Jean de Luz rhymes more and more with prestige real estate, and requests such as Basque house, Basque country real estate project, or other references to this authentic region located in the south west of France. are as much sought after as regional requests such as Pyrénées Atlantiques real estate. The growing interest in the acquisition of a primary or secondary residence in the region, and the exclusivity of real estate offers and exceptional properties has a direct impact on the average price of a real estate transaction. Saint Jean de Luz, reputed to be the city of the Sun King, is precisely one of the famous seaside resorts on the Basque coast, located not far from Biarritz and Saint Pée sur Nivelle, between Guéthary and Ciboure. On the first line of the sea, with a view of the mountains, near the Chantaco golf course and the Nivelle golf course, the Barnes Côte Basque real estate agency, renowned in real estate in the Basque Country, offers you luxury apartments and houses for sale there. in the sought after places of Saint Jean de Luz, such as Sainte Barbe or Aice Errota. Buying a house close to the center is also a strong trend. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is full of prestigious or luxury real estate among its properties for sale. Thus, through our list of real estate advertisements in Saint Jean de Luz which can be consulted below, find a selection of unique properties for sale, between contemporary houses near the golf course, villas in the center of St Jean de Luz and its charming residential area, Luzian mansions with views of the Basque mountains, large luxury apartments with breathtaking views, or architect villas. Contact our real estate agency in Saint Jean de Luz for the study of your project, whatever its nature (rental real estate investment or real estate acquisition of main residence, purchase house St Jean de Luz or purchase apartment Saint Jean de Luz), and discover with him these properties of character for sale on the Luzien basin. Barnes also has two other agencies in the Basque Country and in the Landes if you prefer to invest in real estate in Biarritz or buy real estate in Hossegor. If you are looking for an exclusive building plot on the Basque coast or in the Atlantic Pyrenees, you can consult our Basque Country land sale offer. 

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Sell real estate in Saint Jean de Luz 

Sale of house or apartment, in both cases to sell better, have your property estimated by a real estate agent. If you are a seller of real estate with character in the town of Saint Jean de Luz, house, villa or apartment, our Barnes agency in the Basque Country will help you find the best compromise in order to sell quickly and at a good price. Contact us for an estimate at the price of the Luzian real estate market. 

Property rental Saint Jean de Luz 

If you are looking for a year-round rental or a seasonal rental in St Jean de Luz, then do not miss the houses and apartments available for vacation rental in Saint Jean de Luz. If you have an apartment to rent and you are looking for visibility, whatever its characteristics (house with equipped kitchen, 1 room, 4-room apartment, with cellar or in a residence with swimming pool ...), contact our sales representatives for a rental announcement and monitoring of the rental procedure (lease, financial guarantee etc ...). 

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Real Estate Saint Jean De Luz


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Household marital status: 10,129 married couples 3,623 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income

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