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The real estate market in Biarritz

Since the 19th century and under the impetus of Empress Eugenie, the fame of the seaside resort near Anglet and Bidart in the Basque Country in the Atlantic Pyrenees has continued to grow. Its tourist vocation increases the population from 25,250 inhabitants in winter to 110,000 in summer. In recent years, the real estate market has suffered the effects of a loss of permanent residents due to the aging of the population and property not easily accessible to young households. 49% of the inhabitants are over 60 years old and over the years the municipality has only built few low-rent housing (8%). The current Kléber project (300 social housing and home ownership) will not be listed until the next census in 2021.

In figures, 53% of Biarritz are owners and 43% tenants. The relatively high housing tax is around 30%. The average annual income per household is estimated at € 25,200, which places it between that of Bayonne and Anglet. Most of the dwellings are 40 to 99 m2 with a large proportion of apartments and 39% are second homes. The diversity of the services offered and the specific features of each district of Biarritz deserve an in-depth examination to prepare any real estate transaction, particularly sales, and qualified support, especially if one wishes to invest in real estate.

Living in Biarritz

In the heart of the Basque Country and in the South of the Landes, near Bidart, Biarritz is a resolutely seaside town with a breathtaking seafront and several renowned thalassotherapy establishments. It goes even further by offering everyone a health course along the ocean. Tourist by vocation and city in bloom, Biarritz is easily accessible by TGV, plane and car. Its public transport network is superior to that of nearby towns such as Anglet, Bidart or Saint Pée sur Nivelle and facilitates daily life, it even grows more in summer. The imperial chapel, the market hall district and the avenues with Belle-Époque residences can be easily reached on foot or by bike in the heart of Biarritz.

An active city, Biarritz can be experienced in summer and winter alike, taking advantage of the profusion of shops in the city, green parks but also cafes and excellent restaurants three times more numerous than in the surrounding area. It is also the preferred city for luxury brands and boutiques on the Basque coast. It also has solid educational, sports and medical infrastructures. The cultural agenda is well filled with ballets, concerts and exhibitions, and water sports are easily practiced here. The large aquarium, the lighthouse and the city of the ocean will be the subject of pleasant outings with friends or family.

In short, between the sea air, the beaches, the temperate climate, the majesty of the Pyrenees overlooking it and the proximity to Spain, we appreciate the quality of life in Biarritz in the Atlantic Pyrenees.

The main districts of Biarritz

Biarritz is a city located in the heart of the Basque Country in the relatively large Atlantic Pyrenees, and the most popular areas are not necessarily by the sea, as in Anglet. Tourism is much more present than in Bidart, Anglet, Saint Pée sur Nivelle and other surrounding towns.

Saint Charles, Lighthouse, Larochefoucauld districts

In the heart of Biarritz, Saint Charles district, Phare district or Larrochefoucault district, you can enjoy beautiful green spaces in a location well served by public transport and with schools from kindergarten to high school. They house 47% of second homes. These include the Jean Rostand college and the André Malraux high school. Touristy and very lively, they are occupied by a majority of rather elderly people, owners of their homes and whose average income is equivalent to that of Biarritz as a whole. The facilities are there with the Lagache club gymnasium, the Miramar thalassotherapy center, the Saint Charles wall on the left and the Golf trinquet.

Milady, Colline, Beaurivage districts

Close to the ocean, these residential neighborhoods have no school infrastructure but house a number of shops, 4 * hotels, and leisure facilities such as the Ilbarritz equestrian center and trinquet and Biarritz Milady squash club in the Milady district. Half of the residences there are secondary. 63% of residents are owners, often managers and the average household income confirms their status as rather chic neighborhoods. The coast of these districts is explained by the presence of the Milady beach, the Marbella beach and the Côte des Basques beach, very busy in summer in the bibi beaurivage district. In the direction of the racecourse, we also find the district of Spain.

Larrepunte neighborhoods, Republic

These neighborhoods, where retirees and working people, mostly employed, host 13% of social housing and especially apartments and townhouses. Rather central, they are well endowed with nursery and elementary schools with the Paul Bert primary school and the Reptou nursery / elementary school. 47% of the inhabitants are owners and have the lowest average income in the Basque city. Pelota enthusiasts will find the wall on the left Larrepunte there.

Districts Downtown East and West

The center is full of tourist attractions, shops and health professionals. There is a majority of renters in the east and owners in the west, most of them retired. Secondary residences occupy 58% of the park with many small apartments. Income per household is slightly lower than the city average. It is the zone of all on foot, in which one finds the casino of Biarritz, the municipal swimming pool, as well as many squares, public gardens, but also schools and colleges.

Saint-Martin, Lahouze, Verdun districts

The most populated and central districts, they are very quiet although they are fairly commercial, especially the Verdun district and the Lahouze district. 54% of the inhabitants are owners and rather elderly. With an average income of € 24,700, they are mainly made up of apartments and townhouses. There are among others the private elementary school Saint Louis de Gonzague, two hotels, the imperial chapel, the Saint Martin stadium in the Saint Martin quarter and the flower racetrack. The Chélitz district and the Kléber district are located just nearby.

La Négresse district

Living in the La Négresse district means living in a green, well-connected district with shops and social housing which has 50% tenants. Equipped with schools, colleges, high schools and sports facilities, it houses almost equally executives and employees in apartments and townhouses. With a rather low average age and 20% of children, it is a family neighborhood. It is home to Lake Marion and Lake Mouriscot where it is good to walk with the family, a skatepark, indoor karting, as well as the Ste Thérèse pediment and the Trinquet de la Négresse. We find the Iraty district and the Winter Park district nearby.

Braou, Ranquine, Aguiléra districts

Not very touristy and quite close to the airport, these well-equipped districts play on the mix between retirees, employees and managers. More than half of the inhabitants own apartments and townhouses and have a higher household income than in Biarritz, like the Braou district. Rather young neighborhoods with nurseries, schools, the Aguiléra sports park in the Aguiléra district and the Chimères theater.

Real estate purchase Biarritz

Biarritz is one of the most famous towns on the Basque coast and the Atlantic Pyrenees, both for its beaches and its climate which make life pleasant. The Biarritz Barnes Côte Basque real estate agency, whose premises are located in Biarritz, opposite the Grande Plage, offers many properties for sale in the Basque Country, of all types (beautiful apartment, duplex, house with mountain view, etc.) on the first line of the sea, near the port or even Lake Mouriscot.

Come and discover our many properties for sale in our Biarritz real estate agency (64200), in the most popular areas such as Saint-Charles, Biarritz center, Le Phare, la Milady, Aguiléra, avenue de l'Impératrice, Ilbarritz. You will be charmed by the properties for sale that can be found there: exceptional contemporary properties in a residential area, architect-designed houses with sea views, golf views. See the categories dedicated to apartments for sale in Biarritz and houses for sale in Biarritz, not to mention our beautiful holiday rentals in Biarritz.

We offer both house and villa for sale, as well as apartments of all types (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and more), see all of our listings below for a Biarritz real estate transaction. You can also visit our two other agencies on the coast if you prefer to buy real estate in Saint Jean de Luz or invest in real estate in Hossegor.

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A real estate project in Biarritz? If you want to make a rental investment or live in Biarritz buying a house or apartment and villas are the possibilities available to you with Barnes, the best of luxury real estate in Biarritz and in the Pyrénées Atlantiques!

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Sell your property in Biarritz

Do you want to sell your property in Biarritz or to Bidart in the South of the Landes? Whether you own a Biarritz apartment or a Biarritz house, our Biarritz real estate consultants welcome you at the Barnes Biarritz agency and will also come to your Biarritz residence. Whether it is an apartment, a house or even a villa that you want to sell, a real estate agent will provide you with the estimate that best matches the Biarritz real estate market. With the help of a real estate expert, you can establish a sale price that will meet your expectations and those of the future buyer (s).

Biarritz in detail

How many real estate agencies in Biarritz?

There are a total of 51 real estate agencies in Biarritz.

Official site of the city

Population Info

26 829 inhabitants
23,979 accomodations
€ 24,456 average net income per tax household per year

Distribution of owners - tenants

Owners: 52%
Renters: 43%
Others: 3%
Housing surface

Less than 40m²: 13%
Between 40 and 99m²: 63%
More than 100m²: 22%

Places of tourist interest

  • Biarritz aquarium
  • City of the Ocean
  • Biarritz lighthouse
  • Chocolate museum
  • Rock of the virgin
  • Large beach

Geographical data

Real Estate Biarritz


Distribution of residences

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Vacant property

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Age distribution


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Composition of families

Children under 25


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1 child


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2 children


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3 children


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4 or more children

Household marital status: 16,852 married couples 7,566 cohabiting couples


Socio-professional population category

Medium household income


Medium household income

Source: Insee - Meilleurs agents - L'internaute - Journal du net