Seasonal rentals management

Seasonal rentals management

Rental management of your property on the Basque Coast

For a lessor owner, entrusting his property in seasonal rental management, is discharging the current management relating to the lease: drafting rental contracts, site visits, taking care of tenants, organization of stay, checking or underwriting insurance ...

The advantages of seasonal rentals

Make your property profitable during unoccupied periods.
Rent more than on a long term rental with the flexibility to enjoy your property when you want.
Promote your wealth.
Occupied housing has regular maintenance.
Payment security with rents cashed before arrival.
Tenants more respectful with a deposit to recover at the end of stay.
A substantial rent.
An advantageous tax system with a flat-rate reduction of 50% of rental income, capped at € 32,600.

Why choose Barnes for the rental management of your property

The rental management service of Barnes Côte Basque, real estate agency in Biarritz, is beneficial for owners of real estate on the Basque Coast, but also for tenants looking for a property in seasonal rental in Biarritz and the surrounding cities.

For the owners:
Our quality commitments

3 rental management formulas adaptable to your needs.
An insurance taking full charge of any damage to furniture or real estate.
A deposit of 30% of the rent collected and kept until 1 month after the departure of the tenants.
A quality charter that provides a better rental service.
Personalized advice to enhance your property, meet the expectations of tenants and allow maximum bookings.
Complete and accurate "memos" provided for each rental to guide the owner and the cleaning crews on the preparation of the house, room by room, task by task.
A privileged dialogue to ensure a constant link between market reality and your interests.

For all the properties proposed in furnished seasonal hiring, our team is at your disposal for:

An estimate of the rental value of the property according to seasonality
Suggestions and advices to put the good value, in accordance with the expectations of our customers, to make the arrangements necessary to its good occupation, to facilitate the management of the inter-rent periods
An advertising broadcast of the property on a selection of adapted media
A posting on the Barnes Côte Basque website
Benefit from a quality clientele by the strength of the Barnes network relayed by each of the Group's offices located in France and internationally
Recommendations from trusted and quality partners: housekeeping, concierge, drivers, chefs ...
Linen rental service


A single interlocutor who assumes full responsibility for the rental management of your property.
A single method of work set up by a team specialized in high-end seasonal rentals.
A commitment of result for a tailor-made tenant search service based on your property.
An advertising investment and a greater diffusion on the targeted communication channels.
More responsiveness towards the tenant who is in a process of booking in real time.

For tenants, it is the guarantee to benefit from:

Rental of high quality and exceptional properties that meet their requirements
High-end services to satisfy all their expectations during their stay: concierge, driver, chef at home, table service ...
Several hours of housekeeping programmed for their tranquility and which allow to take care of your good during the duration of their stay.