Real estate buying process

Real estate buying process

The process of buying real estate on the Basque Coast

The Barnes Group is a major player in high-end real estate internationally. Our job is to support you in your real estate projects.

The real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque, real estate specialist in Biarritz and on the Basque Coast, brings you the necessary support to carry out in the best conditions your project of real estate purchase on the Basque Coast.

The determining factors when buying real estate property

There are several factors to consider when planning your real estate purchase: the budget, the nature of the project, the desired location and the desired search criteria.

What budget is allocated for this project?
Do you have total funding, would you like to have a loan? We advise you to determine the budget that you want to devote to your project, if necessary validate with your banker the amount that you can be granted to know your limits, including work.

What is the nature of the real estate project?
Depending on the nature of the investment (principal residence, secondary residence or land or rental investment), the criteria may differ. We will not seek the proximity of schools if it is secondary residence for example.

What is the desired environment?
The countryside, the city, the city center? a house, buying an apartment? a character well renovated or to restore? a recent house? a real estate promotion on plan? The location remains an important criterion when searching for your property purchase.

What are your search criteria?
The ideal living space, desired number of bedrooms, surface area, exposure, noise tolerance or absolute calm? Are you looking for a view or a glimpse of the sea? Determining your search criteria from the beginning of your project allows us to establish a relevant selection of real estate that best meets your expectations.

The team of real estate consultants Barnes Côte Basque remains at your disposal to help you in your research, and answer your questions, by e-mail, by phone or directly at our real estate agency in Biarritz, located Place Bellevue.

The protective devices of the buyer

Two devices are put in place to protect the buyer:

the law Solidarity and Urban Renewal (Law SRU of December 13, 2000), which gives the purchaser a period of 10 days after the signing of the sales agreement to cancel it. In the event that the buyer renounces the acquisition within the time limit, he is totally released from his commitment and recovers the entirety of his deposit.
the suspensive condition of financing (Article L 312-16 of the Consumer Code) which offers any purchaser of real estate the possibility of terminating its purchase commitment in case of refusal of loan (unless express waiver and handwritten). In this case, the agreement of sale is canceled and the buyer recovers the entirety of his deposit.
In order for this scheme to be applicable, the real estate purchase must request a loan in accordance with the instructions given in the sales agreement and within the time limits specified in this contract.