Home Management

Home Management Offer

We are used to selling beautiful houses and apartments on the Basque coast, most of which are second homes. The rental management of seasonal rentals has highlighted the potential shortcomings to the expectations of tenants, and the many details that owners must take care to enjoy their homes. This made us realize that we could bring even more to the owners, that there were many solutions to the problems inherent to the second home.

1. Interview

Owning a second home is a luxury. it really is when you do not have to deal with daily maintenance. Barnes Biarritz offers a dedicated service to manage the maintenance of the garden, the terrace and the pool. You are not there, we are! We suggest you come regularly to check that everything is in order, ventilate the house, and water the plants. This makes it possible to notice minor incidents in time, and to repair / repair them in time (detect a water leak, or a blocked gutter, for example). This will allow you to take full advantage of your property, and even if you wish, to rent it in an irreproachable state.

2. Internal management of your second home

In the same logic as for the exterior maintenance of the house, we organize a cleaning service to allow the owner to have a house in order and clean on his arrival, or for his possible tenants. A regular passage allows to maintain the house regularly, and to keep the house always in very good state, to put the heating before your arrival. We can delegate to the person in charge of the household to do the shopping before your arrival, organize your transfer from the airport, find a cook at home, a baby sitter ...

3. Administrative management

Our home management team can manage for you all the administration of your second home: manage or advance you the payment of your bills and expenses related to your second home:

energy management, and water (delivery, oil or gas) and payment of corresponding invoices
management / payment of property and housing taxes
management / payment of the expenses of co-ownership and the various subscriptions wished (cable, internet, telephone ...)
representation at any meetings of co-owners.