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The real estate market in Bidart

Its name comes from the contraction of 2 Basque words meaning "in the middle of the paths". Indeed, the geographical location of this beautiful seaside resort places it at the crossroads of roads coming from Bayonne, Saint Jean de Luz and Biarritz. Anchored in Labourdine lands since the 12th century, it has managed to preserve the charm of these Basque villages nestled between tree-lined cliffs and beautiful beaches. Its 5km-long seafront has led it to develop seaside tourism which is today its success. Its architectural heritage is extensive and the local real estate market deserves attention. With 48% of second homes, it has contemporary villas facing the sea, beautiful independent residences in residential areas, but also apartments and houses in the city center. The housing tax is reasonable at 20% and the distribution between housing less than and greater than 100m2 is relatively balanced.

The town is promoting the arrival of businesses and in particular a technopole which houses more than 90, specializing in advanced technologies. This is enough to give a great boost to the real estate market which currently places the m2 at an average price of € 4,594, all properties combined.

Living in Bidart

Bidart is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Basque coast, its local heritage and its charm will encourage any potential buyer or investor to take a closer look at the houses and apartments there. If in season, the atmosphere is inclined to animation and parties, the rest of the year, this village exudes calm and friendliness.

Its Sainte Madeleine and Saint Joseph chapels or its very old church are dear to pilgrims on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. But its historical and built heritage also includes beautiful Labourdine houses with typically Basque corbelled facades. The center of Bidart takes you through the lively alleys where it is not uncommon to find workshops and cutlery craftsmen who perpetuate ancestral know-how. The surrounding nature, the nearby mountains and the paths of the village are suitable for hiking and cycling tourism very popular in Bidart.

In the city, local shops and services are very present and open year round. The restaurants are always full, confirming that gastronomy really matters in Basque culture. Moreover, the town jealously preserves its traditional weekly market, its annual craft fair and offers summer visitors nighttime local markets.

Wishing to promote access to culture, and have it shared by all generations, the elected Bidartars united the existing places into a single cultural center which now includes a library, an art gallery and a theater. Finally, on the sports and leisure side, you can practice basketball, tennis, golf, handball volleyball, skate, and of course chistera.

Buy a property in Bidart

Are you looking for a second home for your breaks during the year or a property where you can settle permanently facing the beaches of Bidart and Guéthary, then buying a property in Bidart turns out to be an excellent investment. The Barnes Côte Basque real estate agency, and its expertise in real estate in Bidart, offers you its help in buying and selling real estate to find the house of your dreams with a view of the sea in this typical Basque village. You will find a wide range of houses for sale in Bidart, and exclusive Bidart apartment purchase offers.

Bidart is also full of many properties offered for sale to meet your criteria. If your search is for a beautiful independent house in an outlying residential area, your Bidart house purchase real estate project will certainly succeed. Otherwise, our selection of properties for sale also consists of apartments and single-storey or two-storey houses in the city center. Contemporary and spacious houses compete in beauty with traditional houses to seduce future buyers. Between villas and luxury apartments with a view of the main beach or located in the most beautiful areas, you can become the happy owner of a prestigious property in Bidart. Barnes Côte Basque, leader in real estate in the Basque Country, is there to support and advise you in your real estate acquisition project in Bidart.

If you want to build a house, a building (rental investment), or even a commercial or office space (business property), you will find the Basque Country land with the desired surface in which to invest.

Sell a property in Bidart

Barnes Côte Basque has worked for several years in real estate on the Côte Basque to determine exactly the value of your property in Bidart according to the real estate market . The estimate, the first step in the real estate sale process, will therefore be optimal thanks to our experience. If you wish to carry out a house sale (or villas) or an apartment sale in Bidart, contact us now and make an appointment with a real estate agent from our team who will be happy to estimate your property. Once your house or apartment for sale has been estimated, we can assist you in finding a buyer with the corresponding budget so that the future real estate transaction is as close as possible to the price you are looking for. The closest agency is Barnes Biarritz.

Bidart apartment rental

Are you looking for a loft, a studio, a 1-room, 2-room or more apartment ... To find holiday accommodation in Bidart, or even to become a tenant on a longer term, you will surely find a beautiful apartment for rent in our Bidart vacation rental section, all with affordable rent. In duplex, with elevator, terrace or garage, check our offers regularly to find the one that suits you.

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