Basque Country Culture


The hunt for Ventas, a popular activity in the Basque Country

venta pays basque

The Basque Country, the real one, the one we can meet during a hike or mountain bike is above all the one that we still find in some preserved places in the hinterland.

Indeed, many isolated Basque villages have retained their charm, the same charm found in the shepherds' huts or farms that line the reliefs of the Basque mountains.

In addition, some private hostels located on the edge of Spanish roads have taken the name of ventas for the simple reason that it sells some products at the Spanish price

For example, the Venta Zahar, an old farmhouse restored in 1990 by the Pizzio-Picabea brothers, offers a perfect sunny terrace to enjoy delicious pieces of braised meat or roast lamb after a stroll from the small village of Ascain or Urrugne.

You will also find the old sheepfold transformed into a windmill Loretxoa by its owner Stéphane Etcheveste. The latter has been able to take advantage of the potential of this old barn converted with warmth and authenticity as its neighbor, the Venta Halty both located in the region of Sare.

Finally, the Venta Yasola located on the slopes of the Rhune is only accessible on foot and offers an ideal rustic setting where you can see the bays of Hendaye and St-Jean-de-Luz. An easy and accessible activity at any age that offers an exclusive approach to the Basque hinterland.

Source document: The Basque Country's Ventas Guide (mountain inns for eating or sleeping) 2006 edition.