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Top 6 Castles in Basque Country

In addition to its natural and cultural wealth, the Basque Country is full of monuments, including several historic castles.

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To discover the region in a different way, we have selected the most beautiful castles in the Basque Country. In the hinterland or near the coast, castles with unusual architecture await you for your stay in the Basque region.

Urtubie Castle

Located in the city of Urrugne, Urtubie Castle is one of the oldest in the region. Built in 1341, it was later rebuilt, fortified and extended in the 16th and 18th centuries. Classified as a Historic Monument, this castle is now in perfect condition and has a magnificent "English garden", very flowery in spring and summer.

Its proximity to Saint-Jean-de-Luz and the Spanish border means that it attracts many visitors from April to November. To discover and fully enjoy this place, you have the possibility to stay there for one night or for several days. Do not hesitate to visit this charming castle and its 6 hectare park.

Bidache Castle

Bidache Castle (also known as Gramont Castle) is located in the hinterland of the Basque Country. This Historic Monument dating back to 1329 allows you to travel through the centuries and discover a historical part of the region. After 10 years of closure for restoration, the castle is now open for visits.

By visiting the remains of the castle of Bidache, you can enjoy an exceptional natural setting and a panoramic view over the entire valley of the Bidouze and the Pyrenees from the keep. Full of history, this ancestral monument will plunge you into the heart of the Basque Country and its culture.

Abbadia Castle

On the Basque coast, Abbadia Castle offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and its surroundings. Located in Hendaye, a few kilometres from the Spanish border, this castle is one of the historical monuments of the region not to be missed. In neo-Gothic style, this 19th century building is an important part of Basque culture.

During your visit to Abbadia Castle, you will discover an unusual place that also houses an astronomy observatory. Its environment and architecture make this place an unmissable and emblematic place in the region. Feel free to discover this part of the Basque Country's cultural and historical heritage.

Olce Castle in Iholdy

In the heart of the Basque hinterland, Olce Castle is one of the region's most important heritage sites. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this monument has survived the centuries and today houses a very strong history. Between its 17th century facade and its gardens in France, this castle promises you a real journey back in time.

Located in Iholdy, at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, you will discover the Basque Country in a new light. Inside and outside, Château d'Olce has a very rich architecture with its grand staircase, dome, chapel, French ceilings and exceptional garden. Take a detour to this exceptional site and discover a new facet of the region.

Arcangues Castle

Located a few kilometres from the Basque coast, the Château d'Arcangues is a witness to the region's rich history. Originally built in the 12th century, it had to be rebuilt in 1900 after being destroyed by war. Inscribed on the list of Historical Monuments, it is possible to visit it in order to discover part of the region's history.

In the heart of an exceptional environment, the castle welcomes visitors but also various receptions and events. This historic site is an integral part of the cultural and historical heritage of the Basque Country over the centuries.

Libarrenx Castle

To discover the hinterland as much as possible, you can choose to stay in Libarrenx Castle. In the heart of nature and especially the river Le Saison, you will enjoy a magical environment. With its very flowery park, you will discover a new facet of the region.

Libarrenx Castle is also a witness to the rich history of the Basque Country. Indeed, after having passed through the centuries, it had to be rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. Today, this monument is therefore steeped in history and offers you a unique experience during your stay in this idyllic setting.

With a rich cultural and historical heritage, the Basque region has many castles classified as Historic Monuments, buildings that will plunge you into the heart of the Basque Country's history. Would you like to visit them? Choose a holiday rental in the Basque Country and plan your next stay in the South West of France now!