Bayonne, a city of growing success

The success of the Basque Country in general, and of Bayonne in particular, has not been denied in the last few years.

The reputation of the Basque Country in terms of quality of life is well established, whether it is landscapes, gastronomy, sporting activities ....

Coastal cities have been very fashionable for several years, and this is reflected in the property market for second homes, such as that of main residences where many Parisians come to settle year round when their profession allows it, or else as retirement approaches. The towns in the coastal zone, from Anglet to Urrugne, via Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary and Saint Jean de Luz or Ciboure, have long been concerned.

The market, which grows a little more each year, has shifted to Bayonne, where residents of Anglet or Biarritz have settled down to buy larger areas at more reasonable prices, staying almost 20 minutes from the beaches.

The city is attracting more and more buyers and townhouses are selling very quickly, especially in the most popular areas such as the Arena, or Beyris and Marracq. The living environment offered by Bayonne is recognized as very attractive, the city having just won second place in the ranking of the association Cities and villages where it is good to live (among some 5,160 municipalities with more than 2,000 inhabitants), which will further strengthen its attractiveness.


Over the past 5 years, average selling prices / m² of property in Bayonne have increased by nearly 20%. They are currently around 3,150 Euros / m² (almost the same figure, whether median or average price) for apartments, and 3,543 Euros / m² for houses.


Prices in Bayonne as everywhere else depend largely on the location of the property, the size (living space and garden) as well as its quality. Thus the district of the Arenas, the most popular of Bayonne, is full of beautiful houses of character and obtains higher scores: prices per m² start at around 4,000 Euros and can even exceed 5,000 Euros per m² for a quality property.

The districts in the south of Adour get clearly higher prices than in the north of Adour, where they rarely exceed 3,000 Euros per m².


As the prices of Bayonne have been increasing for several years, there is a transfer market to neighboring municipalities. First-time buyers go more to the towns of Boucau and Tarnos, north of Bayonne, as well as to the neighboring municipalities of Saint Pierre d'Irube, or a little further inland, Mouguerre and Villefranque, nearby towns de Bayonne but in which the average prices do not exceed the bar of 3,000 Euros per m².

We do not yet know the impact of the current health crisis which should at least stabilize them. It is obviously difficult to predict with accuracy the evolution of the coming months, a drop in prices is not certain: on the other hand, the volume of transactions will be down sharply this year, because the delays in their projects by buyers, sellers, notaries, and movers will automatically affect the number of sales.

Source: Best, Barnes Côte Basque, Notaries of France