Bidart attracts many buyers

Bidart, a town benefiting from very beautiful villas overlooking the ocean and the mountains, has seen its prices increase for several years.

Bidart is a small French town located by the ocean, south of Biarritz. It benefits from 5 km of coastline divided between beaches and cliffs, and enjoys very good views of the Basque mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Bidart has managed to keep many charming houses with classical Basque country architecture. The city is home to many exceptional residences, the best known of which are Ilbarritz Castle (the villa of Baron de L’Espée, built in the 1900s), as well as the former home of the Queen of Serbia.


The average price of apartments in Guéthary reached at the beginning of April 4558 Euros / m², and that of houses exceeds 5000 Euros per m². These prices are only an average and do not reflect the big difference between the interior of the municipality, in the land, where the prices are more reasonable, and the coast itself where the sea view properties exceed 10,000 Euros / m². .

For example, we have just sold a 150 m² house with sea view in Bidart for 2,000,000 Euros.

Over the past two years, the average selling prices / m² of houses in Bidart have increased by around 25%. We do not yet know the impact of the current crisis which should at least stabilize them.


The Bidart market being very high, there is a transfer to neighboring towns. Houses and apartments sell for lower prices as soon as you move away from the coast and cross the highway, towards Arbonne where the average house price per m² reaches 4335 Euros / m².


Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz and Anglet are equally on the rise. Their prices are also increasing, the palm going to Guéthary, whose average prices / m² are over 6,000 Euros, constantly increasing in recent years, and goods are scarce. Saint Jean de Luz and Biarritz are around 5,000 Euros (quality properties located in the right place are of course very much above average).

Whether in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart and Guéthary, properties enjoying a sea view soar to at least 10,000 / m² and even more if they have other sought-after assets such as terrace, garage ( rare), and that they have recently undergone a renovation.

Source : Meilleurs, Barnes Côte Basque