Guéthary, a very popular village

Guéthary, one of the favorite villages of the French, is the most expensive village on the Basque Coast

Guéthary is a small village on the Basque Coast of less than 1,500 inhabitants, with typical architecture. For those who do not know yet, Guéthary is located south of Biarritz, between Bidart and Saint Jean de Luz. A former whaling port which has retained all of its charm, it is well known to surfers and appreciated, among others, by Parisians on vacation ... also it has seen its property prices increase significantly in recent years.


Classified as a remarkable heritage site, it is representative of the Basque country's art of living: preserved architecture, proximity to expressways and the airport, by the sea of course, with a beautiful 16th century church. It offers traditional festivals throughout the year as well as the usual activities of pelota, surfing ... The sweetness of life in Guéthary has recently been consecrated by the Association of towns and villages of France where it is good to live, by obtaining January 19, 2020 second place among cities with less than 2,000 inhabitants.


The average price of apartments in Guéthary at the beginning of March reached 5800 Euros / m², and that of houses 6211 per m², which makes it the municipality of the Basque Country where prices are the highest, the beautiful properties by the sea blithely exceeding the prices. 10,000 / m². The central districts and the sea view obviously entail a premium, while noisy goods, close to the road or the railway, are "a little" more reasonable.

Over the past two years, the average selling prices / m² of houses in Guéthary have increased by around 30%. We do not yet know the impact of the current crisis which should at least stabilize them.


As the Guéthary market is very high, there is a transfer to neighboring towns. Houses and apartments sell for lower prices as soon as you move away from the coast and cross the highway to Ahetze where the average house price per m² reaches 3775 Euros / m².


Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart and Biarritz and Anglet are equally on the rise. Their prices are also increasing, the palm going to Guéthary, whose average prices / m² are over 6,000 Euros, constantly increasing in recent years, and goods are scarce. Saint Jean de Luz and Bidart are around 5,000 Euros.

Whether in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart and Guéthary, properties enjoying a sea view soar to at least 10,000 / m² and even more if they have other sought-after assets such as terrace, garage ( rare), and that they have recently undergone a renovation.

Source : Meilleurs, Barnes Côte Basque