The digitization of real estate professions

Containment, accelerator of the digitization of the real estate sector

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With regard to the actors of the real estate chain (notaries, real estate agents, bankers, etc.), this crisis will have highlighted the need for them to equip themselves from a technological point of view to facilitate exchanges: registration of documents , electronic signature, transfer and validation of documents, etc. This switch to digital tools will be key to enabling them to adapt, over time and in the future, to all situations.

Prior to confinement, and without having foreseen the physical constraints that we would encounter when working, we fortunately invested in new tools allowing us to ensure continuity in our work.

To date, Barnes Cote Basque can rely on the dematerialization of certain visits, equip itself from a technological point of view to facilitate exchanges.

This switch to digital tools will be the key to 2020 to allow us all to adapt for the future:

Multiplication of virtual tours by the Matterport tool
Digitization of sales mandates to compensate for the lack of physical contact with a certified electronic signature (and electronic register of mandates)
Electronic signature of notarial deeds
Virtual appointment booking solution for video-conference estimation
Blockchain coin exchange / archiving / recording
Conference / webinar organized next Thursday and hosted by an economic journalist from Figaro

    In addition, we are implementing a paperless strategy, which makes our daily life easier, improves the experience of our customers, and boosts our productivity ...

    We want to improve our customer relationship and consider that the switch to digital is also a good way to prepare for the end of the crisis and the resumption of activities.

    In a context where the health situation is alarming, it is essential to be agile and proactive with an immediate ability to bounce back. For example, this means being able to respond in a few minutes to a request from a prospect, hence the importance of digital in this period.