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Market point first quarter 2018

Beautiful prospects for real estate in the Basque Country in 2018

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2018: Nice prospects in the first quarter for property sales on the Basque Coast and the South of the Landes
We anticipate on the Basque Coast and Southern Landes, a dynamic real estate market for 2018 due to a shortage of goods, especially in the coastal zone, and therefore prices that should increase in 2018. This The acceleration of sales and acquisitions is in particular the result of still very favorable borrowing conditions and a feeling of optimism regarding the economy.
If the Basque Coast is a main place of residence for some, it remains mainly on the high-end an attractive resort territory for the fifties and young retirees. Many French expatriates living abroad want to invest in France, especially in the Basque Country for all the qualities that we know him (his elegance, his art of living, his security, his controlled urbanism ...). The heart of our market therefore remains primarily directed to the second home. Foreign clients, often young (average age 45), represent only a "small" percentage of buyers, about 20%.
Whether in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz or Hossegor, demand is still strong for the city center. The city center guarantees "the right investment". This important societal change is marked by the desire for everything on foot rather than a large property. A good quiet and in good condition, in the heart of town, at the market price, with a communication strategy adapted to the target, sells very quickly.
In Biarritz, there is a contradiction between supply and demand. Several neighborhoods are home to prestigious properties: the amateurs of old will rather go in the downtown, district Saint Charles where one discovers apartments of Napoleon III style. However to find apartments with terrace, we must aim for more modern residences built in the 70s and 80s. As for the properties by the sea (Hossegor, Anglet-Chiberta, Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary, Saint Jean de Luz ... ), pearls remain to be discovered ... with much more substantial prices. The great luxury of the Basque Coast is synonymous with ocean views, and the prestigious apartments and villas on the first line offering a beautiful sea view are bargain at high prices. The latter are also increasingly difficult to find in the face of a demand that exceeds the supply. But the attraction of the Basque Country is not concentrated only in the city centers. Due to the scarcity of quality goods on the coastal towns and villages, we observe by ricochet a renewed real interest in the villages near the coast (Arcangues, Arbonne, Ahetze, Ascain, Sare ...) for their qualities intrinsic. The assets to be seized are more numerous, with superb mountain views, large indoor and outdoor spaces ... for a comparatively more interesting price!
The 2 highlights of the market:
- An appetite of buyers to the stone and real estate investment that is confirmed.
- A confidence in France and its beautiful places of life, without any impact of the IFI despite the fears mentioned by the press.
Indeed, wealthy clients will see their ISF reduce and can therefore return for those who had gone into exile, and invest in stone, even subject to the IFI. With the hope of capitalizing serenely in the future in a sustainable way, the stone has never betrayed ... if it is in the right place. The number of millionaires and billionaires is growing exponentially. Quality goods will therefore remain increasingly rare. We are very confident about the prospects of the high-end market on the Basque Coast both in the short term and in the long term!